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The number one locksmith in Boston, MA, is a heavy mantle to hold, but we do our best. Not to be to braggadocious, but we have earned our position as the top locksmith in Boston. How did we do it? Well, I am glad you asked.

We begin with our quality assurance, which stems from getting the best locksmith technicians in the area (maybe the world). We have people that can do anything. And they do specialize, but it does not end there because a team of experts means you have access to the highest quality of every type of service.

What’s next? Well, they come straight to you. Because we use mobile locksmiths, it doesn’t matter where you are in Boston, we can get an expert locksmith to you. We average around twenty minutes from when our locksmith hangs up the phone with you to your location. So we come to you and we get there fast.

But wait, there’s more! We are a 24 hour locksmith. That means you get everything above at a low price any time you want. And there is no limited time offer. Anytime anywhere. We are the only locksmith in Boston, MA you should call.


How long does it take for an emergency locksmith to arrive to my location?

From your call to arrival, our locksmiths average about 20 minutes. They arrive at your location ready to do the work you need. Their servicing time is just as extraordinary as their average arrival time. And unlike our competition, this locksmith in Boston will deliver.

Is it cheaper to replace a car key with United Locksmith or the car dealership?

United Locksmith is always going to be cheaper than the car dealership for any of our auto locksmith services in Boston, MA. The reason for this is we have competitive pricing. We make our money based on locksmithing, the dealership makes their money on all manner of things, least of which is making car keys. For that reason, and because most people think they are the only ones able to make car keys, they can afford to price gouge. Go with United Locksmith, we have fair prices and will come to you.

How much does it cost to unlock my car door?

We start with a basic $15 service call. The auto locksmith will then assess the particulars of your situation and give you a quote. This service has a starting cost of $35 dollars, but because not every car is the same, and not everyone gets locked out of their car for the same reason, the difficulty and time taken to perform the job can vary widely. Expect to pay upwards of $45 dollars, but you should never agree to the price if you determine it to be unfair. We keep all of our locksmith service prices competitive, but we respect the choice of any customer to shop around with the other locksmiths in Boston.

Can you install smart locks or electronic locks?

Yes. Our locksmiths are experienced with every type of lock installation. That includes the knowledge and know how to perform smart lock installation and work centering around all manner of electronic locks. These jobs can be rather complicated, especially in commercial spaces, so call the experts.

How long does it take a commercial locksmith to open a safe?

Safe opening times can vary on the type of safe you have and what method of entry is needed to get inside. Often opening a safe can take as long as 30 minutes, but there may be much faster ways of getting inside the safe. On the low end, 15 minutes to enter a safe is not unheard of.

Technician Stats

Specialty: Rekeying locks
Years of experience: 19
Passion: Reading any book available
Number of locks serviced: Over 6,000
Average arrival time: About 20 minutes

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