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Are you looking for any help with your locks or security? Well, this locksmith in Brooklyn is here for you in every sense of the phrase. If you need us, we will come to your exact location. We have mobile locksmiths who are prepared to go anywhere in the borough, and even the surrounding areas, if you need us.

So, we are there for you in the geographical sense, but how fast can we be there for you? We pride ourselves on the speed that we deliver our services with. That speed applies to our arrival times and the time it takes to service your locks and security. It doesn’t matter what you need or where in Brooklyn you need it, time is never a problem.

Even with our commitment to speed, we never compromise on quality. Using only the best locksmiths in Brooklyn, NY, United Locksmith is sure that you will only receive the best work. It does not matter what you need to be done because our company employees experts in every facet of locksmithing. From commercial locksmiths to residential locksmiths, to our highly demanded car locksmiths, we can get you the best professional for your situation.


How long does it take the locksmith to reach my location?

Our mobile locksmiths in Brooklyn have an average arrival time of between fifteen and twenty minutes when it comes to our emergency service calls. When you need a locksmith now, we take every step to get to you as soon as possible. In terms of our appointments, we will always be on time.

How much does it cost to unlock my car door?

This is our car lockout service, and as with all our services, it begins with a $15 service call before incurring the full cost of the service. But a locksmith in Brooklyn, NY should never begin any work without giving you a quote for the full price. In the case of United Locksmith, our car lockout services begin at $35 (not including the initial $15 charge). Because our borough is so diverse, we know that security can vary from vehicle to vehicle.

How long does it take a commercial locksmith to open a door?

A good commercial locksmith in Brooklyn will be able to get the door open for a business in around 15 to 30 minutes. Commercial doors will often have higher levels of security than residential locks, but there are a variety of methods that can be used which have different timeframes. The more time extensive methods are likely to be the least harmful, but your locksmith will make you aware of all the options available to your situation.

Will the my house locks be damaged when a locksmith opens my door?

When bump keys or lock picking are used by a professional to open a lock, the lock being serviced will not be damaged in any way. There are certain methods, such as drilling, that necessitate additional lock repair or a full lock replacement once the lock is open. Be sure to talk to your locksmith about any preferences in terms of time and additional costs or services.

I broke my car key off in the lock, can a locksmith help me?

This locksmith in Brooklyn can help you in several ways. First of all, we can get your broken key out of the lock and once your keyway is clear we can make you a new spare key. If you don’t have a spare that can be duplicated on the scene, we can make one from code. United locksmith can do everything you need to get you back on the road after breaking your car key off in the lock.

Technician Stats

Specialty: Electronic lock installation
Years of experience: 15
Passion: Boxing
Number of locks serviced: 4,500 +
Average arrival time: 15 to 23 min

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