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When you call out for a locksmith in Charlotte, you want a local company that can deliver you the type of work you need at a level of quality you have grown to expect. But United locksmith is not about meeting expectation. We are all about exceeding them! Call us today for your locksmith needs and let us show you how a locksmith in Charlotte can be a cut above the rest.

If you have never used a locksmith before, you are going to be spoiled by the standard we set for the competition. Don’t wait another minute to call. Let us come out and fix the issue. That’s right, we will come to you. Go ahead and schedule an appointment for our mobile locksmith services, and we will be at the desired location on time.

Why do we say location? That is because we can come to a business location, your car, or your home. You can take advantage of all of the different types of specialty locksmiths that we place at your disposal. The standard locksmith in Charlotte cannot do everything. Neither can every locksmith that works for us, but we have every type of expert. We find out what you need and pair you with the correct expert.


How long does it take for an emergency locksmith to arrive to my location?

In emergency situations, you need a locksmith in Charlotte, NC, who can get to you and get there fast. It is safe to say that our emergency locksmiths in Charlotte can get to your location in the city with approximately 20 minutes. Because of how many technicians we have, we may be able to get their even faster. It mainly depends on the time of day and the service you need, but as we are a 24hr locksmith we will be able to respond at all hours of the day.

Will my car be damaged in any way when a locksmith opens it?

Opening a locked car is dangerous, but not when you hire a competent locksmith in Charlotte. They have the full set of expert tools for unlocking a car, which allows them to do the type of work that could appear simple, without incident. There are only a few reasons that a car will need to be opened in a destructive way, but they are almost too rare to mention. If they come up, you can be sure that our locksmith will inform you of the available car unlocking methods.

Does the car locksmith work on luxury vehicles?

Our auto locksmiths work on every type of vehicle. We have the tools in every mobile locksmith van to deal with any type of automotive key, lock, or security concern. When you need a car locksmith in Charlotte, NC, choose the company who is ready for anything.

Can an residential locksmith help me unlock my front door?

Home lockouts are something that this locksmith in Charlotte truly does well. Many locksmiths do not take lockouts serious, but as an emergency locksmith, United Locksmith understands the importance this service holds for our customers. We will be able to get any door open. Just remember that we will always strive to find the fastest way in, and do the least amount of harm to your security. If anything is damaged out of necessity (such as in the case of drilling), we can also replace the lock or repair it.

Is it cheaper to replace a car key with United Locksmith or the car dealership?

It is much cheaper to use United Locksmith than a car dealership for the purposes of replacing a car key. This is mainly due to the fact that when you use a locksmith in Charlotte, you are using a professional who deals exclusively with locks and keys. In the case of an automotive locksmith, making new car keys is a fast process that they have all of the tools to perform. The dealership does not specialize in this, and for that reason, they do not need to offer competitive prices (as they don’t need the work), and it takes more effort for them (which translate into a higher cost in the service industries).

Technician Stats

Specialty: New lock installation
Years of experience: 22
Passion: Model building
Number of locks serviced: Over 10,000
Average arrival time: 14 to 22 minutes

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