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If something is wrong with your locks call United Locksmith. It doesn’t matter which locks. We can fix, replace, upgrade, or evaluate whatever type of locks you have. Car locks? Sure thing. We have designated car locksmiths. Commercial locks? Absolutely, we can work with any locks businesses use. And residential locks are no problem either.

United locksmith is a full-service locksmith. That means we are able to do it all. And not just in terms of the locks that we can service, or the services we provide. This locksmith in Denver, CO, is mobile. Yes, indeed. No matter where you are in the mile high city, we will get to you. Elevation doesn’t matter. If there is a lock in need, we can get there with the tools required to do the work that needs to be done.

We also have our business running 24/7, which means we can come to you whenever you call. So in the icy winters when you find yourself locked out of your home, car, or office, during the dead of night or the early morning, we are there for you.


How long does it take for an emergency locksmith to arrive to my location?

United Locksmith can get anywhere in the city of Denver within approximately 20 minutes. It can take longer or even shorter than that to arrive, but it all comes down how busy we are in that moment. Luckily the locksmiths that work for us are so quick that even if the entire city collectively lock themselves out of their homes, the wait time would still not be too severe.

Is it cheaper to replace a car key with United Locksmith or the car dealership?

If you are concerned with price, United Locksmith is the better choice over the car dealership when you need to replace a car key or remote. If you want the work done faster, call United and not the dealership. In the case where you might be looking for someone to come to you to program and deliver the new car key, United Locksmith is also going to win out over the dealership. But if you are looking for something else… Well, United Locksmith would also be a better resource than the dealership.

Will my car be damaged in any way when my locksmith opens it?

You should call a quality locksmith in Denver is for this exact reason. United Locksmith is not going to harm your car. Opening a car can be tricky, and without the proper training, harmful. So go with the auto locksmith in Denver, CO, who is not going to let you down. Call United Locksmith.

Do you provide security camera installation as a service?

We understand that in order to compete with every other locksmith in Denver, we have to provide every type of security service. We can do anything relating to getting you the best security possible. We staff all manner of specialists, and you can be sure that we will get you whatever you need.

Will my business safe be damaged as a result of the locksmith opening it?

Our safe locksmiths aim to never harm a safe. There will be circumstances where a safe needs to be drilled, but even this can be done in a way that causes minimal damage. In the worst cases where the safe might be broken to such a severe degree that none of the components work, which is why the safe is not working. So there may need to be quite a bit of repair even if the safe is not damaged out of necessity by the locksmith.

Technician Stats

Specialty: Making new car keys
Years of experience: 22
Passion: Skiing
Number of locks serviced: About 12,000
Average arrival time: Approximately 19 minutes

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