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You won’t regret turning to United Locksmith for all of your lock and security needs. We take our profession very seriously and do our utmost to only staff the best range of diversely talented technicians. We are the only locksmith in Hartford, CT, that believes in having everything you may need ready for you in one location.

We start by offering every type of locksmith service under the sun. We have expert residential locksmiths that know everything there is to know about home security. Commercial locksmiths have experience with business security and commercial grade security hardware. And our car locksmiths can do the work you need for any type of car. It doesn’t matter if your car is a classic, a rarity, or the most common vehicle on the road, we have someone who can work on it with no issue.

Now that you have the ability to get everything you need, you need to get it when you need it. What better way to get what you need when you need it than with a 24/7 locksmith. Better yet, get it where you need it. We offer mobile locksmith services by appointment or for emergency calls. Whatever you need, we have it. No matter what time it is, we will pick up the phone. And wherever you are, there is a locksmith in Hartford who can get to you.


What does a Full Service Locksmith do?

A full service locksmith does every aspect of the locksmithing trade. No matter what service you need, they can provide it. That is what United Locksmith it. But more than being just a full service locksmith, we have experts in each service. It’s more than lip service, it’s full service.

Can the locksmith help me open my locked car?

Yes, our car locksmiths work quite a bit with car lockout services in Hartford. They can open any car. It does not matter what type of security precautions your car has, even if they are third-party installations or deadlocking features, we can get someone to you with the right level of expertise.

How long will it take an automotive locksmith to open my car?

With the expert tools made specifically for opening locked cars and training to properly use this equipment, getting into a car hardly takes any time at all. Most cars can be opened in a minute or less. In some cases, it will be a bit trickier or require finesse that takes time, but a lockout will rarely last more than 15 minutes after a locksmith arrives.

Will the my house locks be damaged in the process of getting the door open?

Unless your locks have to be drilled, there will be no damage done to the locks on your house. The most common methods of entry for a residential locksmith are lock picking and lock bumping, and these methods are harmless in the hands of a professional. In the rare cases where destructive entry is needed anything damaged can be replaced by your locksmith.

Does the United Locksmith offer commercial locksmith services?

Part of being a full service locksmith means that we offer every type of locksmith service. This, of course, includes commercial locksmithing. Commercial locks can be more complicated, so you will need a specialized technician that knows what they are doing.

Technician Stats

Specialty: Broken key extraction
Years of experience: 21
Passion: Tennis
Number of locks serviced: 13,000
Average arrival time: 17 to 18 minutes

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