Need a Locksmith in Las Vegas, NV?

You don’t need to be a high roller to get in on the action of this Locksmith in Las Vegas. We keep our prices affordable and our locksmiths mobile. That means that we can come to your location and deliver the same level of service anywhere we go in the city. Calling us is a jackpot every time.

We also offer every locksmithing service under the Nevada sun, so you aren’t going to be rolling the dice when you reach out to us. United locksmith has what you need in terms of experience, tools, and staff to get you exactly the type of work accomplished that you are looking for.

If you are a tourist that is locked out of their car, trust that we will be there to help you so you can get on with your driving, wherever you happen to be heading. Businesses who need help opening old safes, new safes, or even their own front doors can turn to the locksmith in Las Vegas, NV, that has done it all. Even the local residents can benefit from our services. We work with hotels for changing locks and setting up physical security.

United Locksmith does it all. Don’t settle for second-rate service, and remember, it’s never a gamble when you call United Locksmith in Las Vegas.


How long does it take the locksmith to reach my location?

You could be anywhere in the entire city of Las Vegas and United Locksmith will be able to get there in around 20 minutes. This is a bold claim, but we do our best to keep our average arrival times for all technicians to somewhere near the twenty-minute mark. This is possible with the number of mobile locksmiths we work with. With so many locksmiths placed all over the city, if you need a locksmith in Las Vegas, NV, we are going to be pretty close by already.

Can the locksmith help me open my locked car?

Our automotive locksmiths know all there is to know about car security. That includes how to overcome that security when a customer has locked keys in the car or lost their car keys altogether. But more than getting your car open, we can get you back on the road by solving whatever other issues might have been causing the lockout. We can fix locks, make new keys, or do any other supplemental work.

I broke my car key off in the lock, can a locksmith help me?

Yes, United Locksmith can give you every service you need related to this issue. More than just getting a broken key out of the lock our auto locksmiths can get you a new working key. Car keys can be pretty complicated nowadays, so that might require programming the key as well as cutting the blade. There might also be an issue with your locks or ignition cylinder that caused this issue. This locksmith in Las Vegas can fix any of those issues as well, preventing this type of thing from happening in the future.

Can the locksmith help me open my locked business safe?

In Las Vegas many businesses deal with a lot of cash transactions, as a result, we have a lot of experience working with these types of issues. We can get any safe open. The method of entry will depend on the situation and the type of safe, but all our opening methods are harmless to the contents of the safe.

I just moved into a new home, can a locksmith help me rekey the locks?

Rekeying is something that United Locksmith excels at. We understand the need for rekeying as it is much cheaper and less invasive than changing all the locks in a home. We can do this type of work very quickly and without damaging any of your existing locks. We are going to be the best locksmith in Las Vegas, NV, for this type of work. Give us a call.

Technician Stats

Specialty: Lock changes
Years of experience: 19
Passion: Cooking breakfast and gourmet dinners
Number of locks serviced: Over 5,000
Average arrival time: 19 min

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