Need a Locksmith in Milwaukee, WI?

We can help anyone in Milwaukee who needs a locksmith. It doesn’t matter what type of locksmith you need. We have home locksmiths, car locksmiths, commercial locksmiths, and emergency locksmiths, all available 24/7. Make an appointment or if you need immediate help we can get directly to your location in around twenty minutes. By appointment, you can tell us the time and day that you need us.

Even though Milwaukee might be the largest city in Wisconsin, we see it as a very intimate community. We treat everyone as if they were our neighbors. Everyone gets the same low price for the same high-quality service we deliver across the full range of locksmith services. There is no need to worry about the predatory practices that you might find with another locksmith in Milwaukee, WI. This is our city, and we are here to serve.

We love Milwaukee, so we don’t rest until everyone has gotten the service they need. And because a locksmith’s work is never done, we always have a team of trained technicians on staff. Around the clock, we never stop offering our services. Call us at any time of day or night. You will get the same level of service at 4 in the morning as you would at 1 in the afternoon. Call us today!


How long does it take the locksmith to reach my location?

When you need a locksmith in Milwaukee, you want them to get to you fast. We can get a locksmith directly to your location in around 20 minutes. Because of the sheer number of locksmiths that we employ at United Locksmith we always have a locksmith around. With so much coverage we have a tremendously fast response time for our emergency calls. But if you want to make an appointment, you can do that too. In the case of appointments, we are always on time.

How much does it cost to unlock my car door?

The cost of unlocking a car begins with our $15 service call. After that you can get an exact quote on the full cost of opening the car. Car lockout services begin at $35, but that price is extremely dependant on the type of car, what security it is using, and how and why the car is locked. All of these things determine what type of work needs to be done. Not every car can be opened the same. If a locksmith in Milwaukee has a flat cost for car lockouts, this is highly suspect.

Do you have locksmiths that can work with high-security commercial locks?

Not every locksmith in Milwaukee, WI, has experience with office security and commercial locks. United Locksmith holds the keys to better commercial security because we have trained and experienced commercial locksmiths. There are technicians with specific training in the security and locks used by corporations and in commercial spaces. They can open these locks, repair these locks, rekey/reprogram them, and anything else you need.

How long will it take a residential locksmith to reach my home?

One of the many benefits of using a mobile locksmith is that they can come directly to you. The length of time is just like it would be for any of our other emergency services. It will take approximately 20 minutes for a locksmith to come straight to your front door. You can also make an appointment today for service today or later if there is a better time that works for you.

Will the my house locks be damaged by having them opened?

Covert entry is what a great locksmith in Milwaukee will use to get a door lock open. What that means is that the technician will use lock picking. They might also use bump keys unless your door locks have taken the steps to protect against lock bumping. In the most extreme cases, the lock might need to be drilled open, but that would be the only way your locks would be damaged.

Technician Stats

Specialty: Covertly opening locks
Years of experience: 28
Passion: Dramatic arts
Number of locks serviced: More than 25,000
Average arrival time: 14 to 20 min

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