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We are a local locksmith in New York City, and we are always in your vicinity. So when you call us, we can get anywhere. Where are you? Manhattan? Brooklyn? Queens? The Bronx? Staten Island? We’re there! We can be there in minutes. Our average arrival time is around 20 minutes. That is how fast you can be receiving your service in an emergency situation. But if you are looking to plan out a good time for your locksmith in NYC to show up, we can work out an appointment around your schedule.

It doesn’t matter when you call us because we are open 24/7 year round. This city doesn’t sleep, but don’t you worry, our locksmiths are well rested. We keep shifts and staff only the best technicians around. That means you get a bright eyed and bushy tailed trained professional any day of the week at any time, day or night.

So what’s the catch? Well, there is no catch, but it does get better. No matter what service you need, we can help. Despite how other locksmiths in New York City might feel, we know that people do drive cars, so we have car locksmiths. If you own a business, there is no problem because we have the best commercial locksmiths in NYC. House or apartment need some help? We got you covered. From brownstones to apartments that are little more than broom closets, if you call it home, we can work with the locks.


How long does it take for an emergency locksmith to arrive to my location?

United Locksmith has mobile locksmiths all over the five boroughs, so no matter where you are, we can get to your location in around 20 minutes. With New York traffic that is a feat, believe me. People in this city know that is a big promise, and sure it is dependant on a couple of things, but we really do everything we can to guarantee at least a 20 minute arrival time. This city moves fast, but an emergency with your security can really slow you down. It is in moments like that where it pays to have a locksmith in New York City, NY who speeds up when they see you’re in need.

How much does a residential locksmith in New York City cost?

All our service calls are only $15 dollars. That is a flat fee for an assessment of your lock and security needs so that we can know exactly what it will take to give you the proper service. All our other prices vary depending on that assessment. Our starting prices for the most commonly requested services are as follows: $35 for house/apartment lockouts, $35 for new lock installation, $19 for rekeying locks, and $35 lock changes. Even though these are starting prices, we are the best locksmith in New York at keeping our prices low even with complicated lockouts.

I locked myself out of my apartment, can the locksmith help me?

You should absolutely call a locksmith. United Locksmith will be there faster than everyone else and we always have a locksmith available 24 hours a day. With as densely populated as New York City is, apartment lockouts are extremely frequent. So don’t feel bad about reaching out to a locksmith in New York City, NY, because it happens to everyone. As a result of this being such a common occurrence, we have servicing home lockouts down to a science.

Every once and while our customers still surprise us with a new twist on this old favorite, but that is the nature of this city. As any New Yorker can tell you, our city never runs out of ways to surprise you. So choose the locksmith in New York City that comes prepared to solve any issue.

Do you have locksmiths that can work with high-security commercial locks?

Our commercial locksmiths deal with everything from corner shops to high rises. Each business has their own idea of what high-security locks are, and we can work with any of them. Installation is never an issue even when it comes to electronic locks or even magnetic locks. If you are looking to get high-security padlocks to lock up the security gate on your shop, we can also help with both the selection and purchasing.

And if you ever find yourself needing to change locks, fix them, or rekey them, we can help you out. And if you need a locksmith in New York City to get a high-security commercial lock back open after losing the key or when it breaks, we are the best at that as well.

How much does it cost to unlock my front door?

When it comes to the front doors of residences, whether they be apartments or houses it all depends on the lock. No matter where you are in the 5 boroughs, the factor that matters most to the cost of unlocking a door is the difficulty of opening the lock. Our basic cost for opening a residential door is $45 ($35 starting cost for the service + $15 for the initial service call).

We do our best to keep prices down no matter what your situation is, but there is no way to give an exact price on these services without having a technician staring at the lock to know what it is going to take to get inside. Also, you should be aware that you may need new keys or have to get a broken key out of a lock. If the lock needs to be replaced because the reason for it being stuck is that it is broken, then that will be a different charge. There are a lot of factors. But we do our best to keep prices low. Living in NYC is expensive enough without having your locksmith gouge you. So call us. We’re looking out for you.

Technician Stats

Specialty: Apartment locks
Years of experience: 19
Passion: Puzzle solving
Number of locks serviced: 5,500 +
Average arrival time: 15-20 minutes

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