Need a Locksmith in Detroit, MI?

When you need a locksmith in Motor City, you want a locksmith that can do it all. Even though our fair city was founded by a man named Cadillac (Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac) and our city’s history is synonymous with automobiles, we know that our diverse city’s residents need more than just an automotive locksmith.

Sure we are also the best auto locksmith in Detroit, but we are also so much more than that. United locksmith can solve any type of security problem. If you need a service for your home or business, we have specialized technicians that can bring a level of expertise and experience that is not matched anywhere else in the city.

We have been doing this long enough to know what our customers need. And the answer is they need everything. With such a large population filled with people from all walks of life, there is no such thing as being too prepared. So we settle for being the most prepared locksmith in Detroit, MI.

We provide our services whenever you need them because we are a 24-hour locksmith. And more than being open at all hours, we are also mobile. That means that we can come to you no matter when you call us.


How much does a locksmith in Detroit cost?

We could get into the average cost of a locksmith’s services, but the gist of it is that United Locksmith has fair competitive prices. We have a standard $15 dollar service call charge, and from there you can find the exact price of the service you need. Every situation is different, but we strive to make sure that we have the most affordable locksmith services in Detroit.

Does United Locksmith offer residential locksmith services?

We offer every type of residential locksmith service you will ever need. The most popular out of all our home services are lock rekeying, lock changes, house lockout services, and new lock installation. But don’t worry we can also make keys, get a broken key out of a lock, change mailbox locks, and service any other of the security in a home.

Will the contents of my business safe be damaged by open the safe?

No matter the type of method required to open your safe, the contents will never be damaged when you choose United Locksmith. If you do not choose a quality safe technician there is no telling what could happen. This locksmith in Detroit can get into any safe, and we can do it safely.

Can the locksmith program transponder keys?

United Locksmith is able to program all transponder keys. Our car locksmiths can diagnose whether or not your car key even has a transponder key. You will get no unnecessary services when you call us. This type of programming can even be done without a spare key to copy the transponder key.

Can you install smart locks or electronic locks?

Our locksmiths can install every type of lock. We have access to all available security products. If they are on the market we can get them and install them so that they function perfectly. Perfect will, of course, be relative, depending on the product you get and what perfect means for that lock.

Technician Stats

Specialty: Commercial lock repair
Years of experience: 16
Passion: Listening to good music
Number of locks serviced: Over 5,000
Average arrival time: 20 minutes

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