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Business Safe Lockout

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Business Safe Lockout Services


What is the best way to open a locked business safe?

Triple-check that you are locked out of your business safe by trying your key or combination a few more times. If your safe won’t open still, the quickest and safest way to solve your business safe lockout is by contacting a professional locksmith service.

How much does it cost for a locksmith to open a business safe?

The starting price for business safe lockout services is $65. Final locksmith prices always depend on the complexity of the work, but no work will begin until the technician has made you aware of the service cost. A $15 service call fee is all that is required for a locksmith to come to you and assess your issue.

Will my safe be damaged when a locksmith opens it?

A commercial locksmith will always avoid damage when possible during business safe lockout service. However, most business safes will need to be drilled so they can be opened. If this must be done, drill holes can be covered, but the safe’s security will be compromised.

Does opening a safe harm the contents of the safe?

When you hire a locksmith, the contents of your safe will never be harmed. Even if destructive entry is needed to open a locked business safe, everything in the safe will remain untouched. Non-professional safe opening methods such as torches or blunt force increase the risk of damage.

How fast can a locksmith open a business safe?

The average business safe can be opened in approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Less secure safes can be opened quicker. If you have purchased a model from one of the best safe brands, it will require more labor and time to solve your business safe lockout.

Types Of Business Safes

Every business owner knows that different businesses have different needs. This required variety also extends to the business safe a company uses. Out of all the types of safes, they vary along several dimensions. One of the most important dimensions is size.

Smaller and lighter safes are less secure, but that is to your benefit during a business safe lockout. Light safes are made that way to save money on the cost of metal and transportation. This fixation on price reduction also spreads to the bolt work, so bypassing is possible.

Larger and heavier safes are typically constructed with thicker metal, which is more difficult to open with destructive entry. More expensive construction warrants more secure bolt work and locking mechanisms. All of this makes these business safes more challenging to open.

The disparity between light and heavy devices can be the difference between a safe and a lockbox. A safe is going to be more secure, and therefore, more difficult to open during a business safe lockout. A lockbox is much simpler to open unless it has broken.

Besides the size and weight of your safe, other factors play into which business safe lock service you will need. For example, how do you open your safe when it is functioning correctly. Variations in opening protocols for business safes include:

Electronic Dial

Also known as a digital dial, this type of safe is opened by typing in a series of numbers from a keypad. This is an electronic lock, so it requires a power source, or it will not function. In this case, a dead battery can result in a business safe lockout.

Manual Dial

When most people picture a safe in their minds, they imagine a manual dial. Also known as a mechanical dial, this circular device rotates clockwise and counterclockwise to input a combination. Rotational opening procedures are dependent on the brand of dial.

Keyed Safes

Some safes utilize override keys. This means that in addition to either a manual or electronic dial, there is a keyhole on the safe. Keyed safes are ideal for business safe lockout services because they potentially offer an alternative way to open the safe without the combination.

Causes Of A Business Safe Lockout

Why you are locked out of your business safe directly affects the possible methods of entry. So to anticipate the difficulty of solving your business safe lockout, you can look a bit deeper into what has gone wrong with your safe.


When your safe breaks, this means it will not open properly no matter what. You likely need some form of safe lock replacement, but opening the safe may be more difficult. Manipulation and bypasses will not work, and more extreme destructive entry may be required.


One step below breaking is something blocking the normal movement of the bolt work. This could be rust, grime, or debris jamming up the works. Most of the time, this can be cleared up with the same door lock lubricant you would use on a deadbolt or door knob.

Lost Key

Not all safes can be opened with a key, but those that can often only use a key as an override for a combination dial. That means you can unlock a safe without a key. But if nothing is broken, a locksmith can approach the business safe lockout in multiple ways.

No Combo

For most safes, if you forgot your safe combination and there is no override, the safe is as good as useless. Contrary to movies and pop culture, manual dials can rarely be decoded through touch manipulation. However, keys and universal reset codes may be able to open the safe.

You will know if you lost your key, and most people understand if they have forgotten their combination. Telling the difference between breakage and blockage during a business safe will likely require the insight of a professional commercial locksmith.

Solving A Business Safe Lockout 

Safe locksmiths have a roster of potential approaches they can apply in different business safe lockout situations. Based on the diagnosis of the underlying reason you are locked out of your business safe, a locksmith will perform one of the following opening techniques:

1. Drilling

Most business safes must be precisely drilled to open them. This will damage the safe, though a drilled safe can be patched and used again. Different from drilling a lock, drilling a safe requires knowing precise and variable drill points for each brand and model of safe.

2. Bypassing

Bypasses are specific to certain safes and include override codes, probing unused bolt holes, magnetically moving bolt work, etc. There are very few business safes that can be bypassed. For these methods to work, you have to be working with a product from one of the low-security manufacturers.

3. Manipulation

When most people picture cracking a safe, they imagine a stethoscope and touch manipulation where the combination is decoded. This is an extremely rare skill, and almost no safe locksmith does this. It is not possible for most types of safes.

4. Lock Picking

A safe with an override key can be picked open. Picking open safe locks requires extensive knowledge of how to pick locks as the lock may use pins, wafers, disks, or levers. Different lock variants can require different tools for lock picking.

In the case of your average business safe lockout, drilling the safe is the most common solution. Any quality commercial locksmith will warn you about the damage this will cause. And this damage will NOT harm the contents of the safe.

Hiring A Locksmith For Business Safe Lockouts

As a business owner, you need access to all your important documents and cash reserves. The fastest way to get this access back from a locked safe is by contacting a locksmith. When you call a locksmith to open a safe, you can be certain the work will be done quickly and professionally.

Downtime resulting from a business safe lockout can cost the company money. This is especially true if your employees are waiting to go home or are focused on opening the safe themselves. Keep your employees working and your business efficient and call a safe locksmith.

If you are a cash business and use high-security equipment, such as a gun safe, only a locksmith will be able to get that safe open without damaging the contents. To open a gun safe, you need to have specialty tools and access to safe schematics for info on proper drill points.

Why would a business be using a gun safe? Well, for a safe to be advertised as a gun safe, it has to meet stricter security standards. In business settings, gun safes are rarely ever used to store weapons of any kind. Their size and construction are sought after for their level of protection.

That bit of professional insight into business security trends is another reason why it is a great idea to hire a commercial locksmith for your business safe lockout. Our technicians have tons of information they can share while servicing your safe.

When you call United Locksmith for business safe lockout services, you are getting more than a quick solution for a fair price. You are getting more than an assurance of quality service. You are gaining access to your safe and our treasure trove of expertise on all things locks and security.

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