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Miami is a city with everything. We have amazing art, live entertainment, and culture, but we also have a great number of locksmiths. So when you need a locksmith in Miami, you are going to have to sort through a lot of options. At United Locksmith we make the choice pretty straightforward. If you want great quality work for a low price, we will come to wherever you are, no matter the time or day.

“But what kinds of services do you offer?” you say. The short answer is that we do everything. The long answer is listing all of the services that cover all aspect of the extensive field of security. For the sake of time and effective explanation, it may be helpful to know that United Locksmith staffs commercial, automotive, and home locksmiths.

We know that not everyone who lives in Miami is a millionaire, but we treat everyone the same. No matter where you are (economically speaking), if you need a locksmith in Miami, FL, give us a call and you will get the same low price as anyone else. No matter they security of your locks, or the security of the new lock you want, we can help. No matter the time. No matter where you are in Miami. We will be there faster than our competition. We will have a better price. And we will have the tools and skills that you need. Call United Locksmith today!


Does a 24 hour emergency locksmith cost more?

United locksmith does not charge anything more than we have to. There is no price gouging based on the time of day we come to you. With that being said, there may be an emergency service charge based on the needs of the customer. All of our service charges depend on the specifics of the situation, that is why there is no way to have fixed pricing. If a locksmith in Miami claims to know exactly how much a job will cost before an in person assessment, proceed with caution.

I locked myself out of my house, can the locksmith help me?

This locksmith in Miami, FL, can help with any of your residential lock needs. House lockouts are a very standard for our locksmiths to deal with. Miami is a happening place people stay out late and they often enjoy themselves. You can lose your keys on the beach, a restaurant, etc. As a result keys get lost and people need some help getting back into their homes. It is no issue for United Locksmith to help with this, because we have daily practice.

How long will it take a residential locksmith to reach my home?

A residential locksmith appointment is often set up in advance, but if you are in need of emergency services we can get a locksmith to your home in around 20 minutes. Sometimes we can get their faster and other times it may take longer if everyone in Miami needs a locksmith at the same time. Regardless of the situation, we will be the fastest choice around. And if you have an appointment, there is no question that we will be there on time.

Does the car locksmith work on luxury vehicles?

Miami is a city of luxury. We have many new cars on the road that have special considerations when it comes to security, locks, and keys. United Locksmith has auto locksmiths who can work on every one of them. And servicing luxury cars includes more than keeping up to date on modern advancements, it also means we train our works about the security of classic luxury cars. But no matter what kind of car you have, we have a car locksmith that can do the work you need.

Do you have locksmiths that can work with high-security commercial locks?

All of your commercial locksmiths are proficient with the types of high-security locks that you would find offices and businesses using. This means that if you have an office lockout, they can get the locks open. If a door lock is broken they can either fix or replace it, based on your preference (which might depend on the price of each service). We can work with all commercial lock types and all brands. No matter how obscure, we can find a solution for your business’s locks.

Technician Stats

Specialty: Repairing damaged locks
Years of experience: 16
Passion: Metalworking
Number of locks serviced: Over 8,000
Average arrival time: 14 to 23 minutes

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