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United Locksmith has been bringing Georgia’s capital city the same level of quality service since we opened. We maintain our position as the best locksmith in Atlanta by doing two things.

We offer competitive locksmith prices so that our customers can be assured they are always getting the most affordable service. And the second is that we only staff the best locksmiths east of the Mississippi so that low price doesn’t cost you the quality you deserve.

Our dedication to the more than five million people that live in our fine city does not end with fair prices and great technicians. We are also available to help you whenever you may be in need, 24/7. We are not the only locksmith in Atlanta, GA that sings this familiar tune, but let us show you that it is more than a song and dance.

Contact our locksmith in Atlanta today and get the service you need. It doesn’t matter if you have an issue with your vehicle, your home, or your business. We have trained professionals that can diagnose your issue and solve it quickly to get your security back into working order.


How long does it take for an emergency locksmith to arrive to my location?

It will take approximately twenty minutes for an emergency locksmith to arrive at your location. This is, of course, variable due to your location in relation to our available locksmiths, and how in demand a locksmith in Atlanta is in that moment. With that being said, we strive to keep our arrival times around 20 minutes regardless.

Does the car locksmith work on luxury vehicles?

Yes. Our technicians are equipped to service every type of automobile. Depending on the rarity of the vehicle some parts may need to be made special or ordered, but we can get our hands on anything your car might need, in terms of locks and security. We can also deal with any unique locking features if you are experiencing a car lockout.

How long will it take the car locksmith to arrive at my location?

Our car locksmiths do not differ in their arrival time from any other emergency or mobile service. We average approximately 20 minutes when we send out an automotive locksmith in Atlanta, GA. Again, this time may vary, but we do our best to guarantee the fastest arrival time of any locksmith in Atlanta.

Can the locksmith help me open my locked business safe?

Yes, United locksmith staffs safe technicians that are experienced with all levels of safes. They are able to open any type of locked safe. You will not find a locksmith in Atlanta with more ability in terms of the methods and ability to open your business safe.

I locked myself out of my house, can the locksmith help me?

Home lockouts are one of the things that this locksmith in Atlanta excels at. This emergency service is provided at all hours of the day because we understand that the work schedules and recreational activities of Atlanta residents are irregular. Call us 24/7 if you are ever locked out of your house.

Technician Stats

Specialty: Residential lock picking
Years of experience: 30
Passion: Solving puzzles
Number of locks serviced: Over 12,000
Average arrival time: 18 min

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