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Electronic Lock Services

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Electronic Locksmith Services


How long does it take to install electronic locks?

The time it takes to complete your electronic lock service depends on the type of lock previously installed in the door. Regardless, lock installation only takes around 20-30 minutes. If you had a system vastly different from the one currently being installed, 30 minutes is a better estimate. If the new lock is the same as the old one, 20 minutes is more likely.

Why is my electronic lock not working?

Electronic locks are mechanically complex and can therefore malfunction in more ways than a traditional lock. But they can still jam like a standard lock. Something may also be wrong with the battery, or you may be locked out without realizing it. Whatever the problem is, a trained locksmith service can fix it.

What’s the difference between a smart lock and an electronic lock?

All smart locks are electronic locks, but most electronic locks are not smart locks. Keypad locks are usually electronic. Locks that use an electric strike mechanism and electromagnetic mechanism are also electronic.

Smart locks are locks that are unlocked with a wireless transmission device, such as a smartphone. As you can imagine, this means they are electronic. This is why some people may incorrectly refer to them simply as electronic locks without categorizing them as smart locks.

What kind of electronic locks

Before hiring a locksmith for electronic lock services and having a new lock installed, check the ANSI grade of that lock to see how secure it is. Different brands and lock models vary in their level of security.

When it comes to the type of electronic lock to purchase, electronic smart locks are becoming more and more popular. People enjoy the convenience of keyless entry and the convenience of an electronic system. Electronic keypad locks are also a good choice of electronic locks.

Do I need to change my door to get a smart lock installed?

If you are getting a smart lock installed, you will not need to worry about a door change. Our technicians may adjust your door to accommodate the new lock, but you will not need an entirely new door.

Electronic Lock Services

United Locksmith is capable of performing a variety of electronic lock services. Electronic locks are high-tech ways to keep locks safe or keep safes locked. There are many different types of electronic locks.

Electric strikes use electric currents to move the lock between a state of being either opened or locked. In the case of the electric strike the current is emanating from the door jamb and not the lock. Strikes are the metal plate in the door frame. 

Electronic deadbolts operate a typical deadbolt mechanism through electromagnetism or servo motor. The electric current in these mechanisms slides the bolt into the doorframe, preventing the door from being unlocked.

Many commercial buildings have electromagnetic locks, also called maglocks. These locks stay locked when an electric current passes through them. When an emergency alarm goes off, the electricity turns off. 

Free exit through the locked doors is now possible without compromising security in non-emergency events with these fail-safe locks. Fail-secure locks need an electrical current to open and will maintain security during a power outage.

One innovative type of electronic lock is radio-frequency identification locks, or RFID locks, which use the mechanism in devices like item tags in retail stores and microchips in animals. These locks open with specialized badges and other cards.

A rarer electronic lock is the passive electronic lock. Passive electronic locks interact with keys that are also electric to utilize their electronic function. You can find these locks in transportation, public safety, power and water utilities, and other fields.

Except for passive electronic locks and RFID locks, any electronic lock can be activated by any means of inducing an electric current. That means that you may unlock your electronic lock with a keypad, swipe card, smartphone, Bluetooth, biometric scan, or voice identification. Our electronic lock services can set you up with any of these.

Electronic Lock Installation

Many businesses are upgrading to electronic locks these days. There are also quite a few electronic lock options for your home. People enjoy utilizing new technology to elevate their safety and protect their belongings in innovative ways.

You may be considering doing exactly that. Maybe you want to replace your house’s pin tumbler locks with a smart lock, or give your employees a passcode-based entry system. If you need electronic locks installed in your door, you can call us. We provide professional and effective electronic lock services, and the process is always simple.

The locksmith will arrive at your home or place of business. They will begin the electronic lock service process by assessing the lock you currently have installed. The locksmith will then try to figure out if any adjustments are necessary for the door to accommodate the new system.

After the locksmith assesses the situation, they will uninstall your current lock. This process involves unscrewing the various parts in the lock, like the doorplate, knob, deadbolt, and strike. What exactly gets unscrewed depends on where the locking mechanism is. It is usually either on the doorknob or the deadbolt.

After they remove the old lock, the locksmith will perform any adjustments that may be needed. The locksmith will never have to remove the entire door. These adjustments will be as minimal as possible so as not to be intrusive.

Finally, the locksmith technician will install the new electronic lock. The locksmith will assemble its components and put together the wiring.

After the installation process is complete, the locksmith will test the new lock to ensure that everything is running smoothly. At this point, your electronic lock service will be complete, and the locksmith will be on their way.

Electronic Lock Repair

If you need your electronic lock repaired, United Locksmith has your back. Electronic locks are complicated, and you must understand the problem if you want to know how to fix it. Nevertheless, this is an electronic lock service that United Locksmith is well equipped to handle. Several possible problems can arise with electronic locks.

Your lock may be having trouble locking and unlocking and making a grinding or clicking sound as it does so. There is probably something physically jammed in it. A locksmith can solve this problem by taking the lock apart and examining any faulty components or things obstructing the locking mechanism.

Maybe turning the knob does nothing to the deadbolt. The deadbolt is simply inside the lock, with no way to get it out. This problem indicates a broken spring. A locksmith can disassemble the lock and assess if it truly is broken. The locksmith will then be able to repair your lock, whether through tightening the spring or replacing it.

Sometimes the lock stops working altogether. There is no noise to accompany it and no other obvious problem. This problem is often due to a piece inside the lock getting dislodged. A locksmith knows how the inside is supposed to look, and they can put the lock back together as efficiently as possible.

A lock not working could also be a power supply problem. There might be an issue with the batteries or wiring. Our locksmiths know how to deal with this, as well.

There are other possible problems with electronic locks, each with its own solution. If you do not understand what is wrong with your lock, you can call United Locksmith for all of your electronic lock service needs.

Electronic Lock Maintenance

Electronic locks inevitably get worn out over time. If you are starting to notice your lock not performing with the same efficiency as it once did, you can call United Locksmith to take a look and fix the problem.

Parts will get worn out, and you may eventually need some of these parts replaced. A locksmith can take the lock apart and examine the pieces to determine if anything needs to be replaced. Our locksmiths can perform electronic lock services expertly.

You should ensure your locks are well-maintained whenever possible, as a faulty lock can compromise your security. You may also end up locked out when you need to be somewhere. As soon as a lock malfunctions, it either becomes worthless or less than worthless. This is why you should always get your electronic locks checked out.

Calling a Locksmith For Your Electronic Lock

Whatever your electronic lock service needs are, United Locksmith is sure to have you covered.

We would be happy to help you install a brand new electronic lock. Whether you are replacing an electronic lock or mechanical lock, as a professional locksmith service that has been around for over 15 years, we can help you out.

If your current electronic lock is experiencing some issues, we would be glad to troubleshoot and solve these issues for you. Electronic locks are complicated machines, and they can have many problems. A trained locksmith will understand their mechanisms better than the average person and solve your problems for you.

If your electronic lock is simply not working as effectively as it used to, you can always call us to take a look and figure out if there may be any issues. Some issues should be dealt with before they turn into real problems.

Overall, United Locksmith has been in business for over 15 years and is well prepared to perform a variety of electronic lock services.

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