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Business Lockout

Locked out of your office? Contact us today for quick locksmith services

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Business Lockout Services


What do I do if I get locked out of my business?

Getting stuck in a business lockout is a fairly common occurrence. Fortunately, there’s always the option of contacting a commercial locksmith. Even 24-hour businesses have the option of calling an emergency locksmith during non-standard business hours. 

It’s important not to panic or struggle when faced with this situation. Locksmith services are easy to request, and hiring an established company means you know for a fact that the locksmith knows what they’re doing.

How can I break into my office myself?

Breaking in yourself is a bad idea. If you attempt to drill through or destroy the lock or door by yourself, you may inadvertently make it harder to open. Incorrect drilling  can cause  the pins to jam inside the mechanism, preventing it from being able to be opened at all. Damaging your door may result in an unopened yet damaged door.

Breaking a window is extremely dangerous. Broken glass is difficult to spot and incredibly sharp, meaning that the potential for injury is high. It can also become powdered and airborne, risking inhalation-related injuries. Instead of damaging your property and risking injury, call United Locksmith.

How do locksmiths deal with business lockouts?

It depends on the kind of locks that you have. Locksmiths may utilize methods like picking and bumping if your locks use a pin tumbler system, which is the most common type of lock. Many businesses, however, use more secure systems, and a locksmith may need to drill the lock to open it.

How long does it take for a locksmith to work?

Our locksmiths are mobile technicians, so they can arrive at your business in 15 to 30 minutes. The actual act of picking or otherwise bypassing your locks can take around 25 to 30 minutes, although this depends on what kind of locks you have. The locksmith should tell you how long this process will be once they see your locks in person.

Will I need to replace my locks after a locksmith gets through them?

A commercial locksmith will tell you before service whether opening your lock will call for a lock change. Unfortunately, many  businesses use high-security locks that must be drilled or otherwise damaged in order to solve the business lockout..

You may have lower-security locks in your place of business that locksmiths can pick, but this is often not the case. When destructive entry is required, rest assured only the lock being replaced will be damaged. And our locksmiths can replace your locks when this is required.

Getting Locked Out of Your Business or Office

Being locked out of your business is common. These buildings have to be well-guarded, after all, and sometimes things happen that cause you to get locked out along with the potential criminals that you’re trying to keep out.

A locksmith can help you with your office lockout or store lockout without compromising its security. They can also help increase your security by installing more secure locks. They can replace your lock if your keys have been stolen or are otherwise with the wrong person and need replacing.

These business lockouts can happen with several different kinds of workplaces. Maybe you were locked out of your retail store after locking up for the night. It could be that you went through the entire locking process and realized you left a key inside. Or maybe you’ve come to open up in the morning and realized you no longer have a key.

Maybe you got locked out of your office building overnight. It could be that you left your keys in there by accident and closed the door. Or it could be that the locks aren’t working, and no matter how many times you try to turn the key, nothing happens.

Many different scenarios can lead to a business lockout. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to get back into your place of business without losing the day’s time. Calling us is a guaranteed option to get back to business in no time.

Troubleshooting Business Lockouts

During a business lockout, you may panic and fear that you will not be able to access your work materials. But it is important not to worry to the point of clouded judgment. You should take a deep breath and think about alternative methods of entry.

Do you have a spare key somewhere? Does another employee have a spare key? In the heat of the moment, it is easy to forget these things sometimes. It is vital to assess how many spares there are for this door and where each of them ended up.

You should also ask yourself if any of these keys have gotten lost or stolen. As soon as one key is compromised, the lock is compromised. Make sure you know the location and status of every key to your place of business.

Is there another point of entry? Maybe a window is currently unlocked. Or you could check a back door or ask if someone has a key for a back door. Check to ensure that there are no other entry points to your business or office.

If you do find another point of entry, consider securing this point. If you could locate it, someone intending to break into your office may find it. Consider locking your doors or windows more often or getting new locks installed on them.

If you have no other way into your business, it’s best to call a locksmith. We can provide services to allow you to enter your place of business quickly and with minimal damage.

How to Prevent a Commercial Lockout

To learn how to prevent a business lockout, you must understand how they happen. Several scenarios can take place. Whatever your current reason is for being locked out of your office, keep in mind that you should prepare for the possibility of these other scenarios as well.

Business lockouts and office lockouts typically occur under two broad circumstances: when people lose their keys or when the locks degrade to the point of no longer functioning.

If you lost your keys, make sure that no one stole them. Ensure that you know where they currently are located. If you do not know, someone may break into your business. Business burglaries are more common than residential burglaries, so if the keys are well and truly lost, getting your lock replaced is vital.

If the lock is degrading, you need to get it repaired or replaced. Our locksmiths can help you with that. Unfortunately, locks will inevitably wear out over time with repeated use, particularly in humid or salty environments. Getting the lock replaced is just a natural part of the lock’s life cycle.

If you misplaced your keys, consider getting a spare key made. A spare key can prevent lockouts like these from occurring in the future, as you are less likely to lose keys that you do not use often and keep specifically to have a spare.

Calling a Locksmith For Business Lockouts

Professional locksmiths can assess what they need to do to open a commercial lock and execute this plan with the least possible damage. They have several methods of entry, all of which depend on the type of lock.

If a lock is a pin tumbler lock, locksmiths can usually pick the lock. Pin tumbler locks are the most common type of lock and utilize a series of pins of varying heights that block the lock from turning. When you insert the correct key, or when someone picks it, the pins are lined up and are no longer blocking the mechanism. You can then turn the lock.

If a lock is difficult to pick, the pins can be “bumped” up with kinetic energy, freeing the mechanism with force. Locksmiths do this by using a specific key called a bump key and a hammer, or they use a pick gun or electric lock pick to bump the keys upward.

In certain circumstances, a lock cannot be bumped or picked. Maybe the lock is not a pin tumbler lock, or it’s a lock that has built-in anti burglary features.

The locksmith will need to drill the lock if it uses high-security features. The drill goes through the pins, knocking them out of the way and destroying the lock. The locksmith then enters a screwdriver into the keyhole, turning it and opening the door successfully.

The process of drilling, unfortunately, means the lock will need to be replaced. Fortunately, we can provide a new lock and perform the lock replacement. Our technicians will inform you before service begins if they will need to replace the lock after opening it.

Ultimately, locksmiths are the best expertise to help you out of your business lockout. Locks are tricky, and there are many nuances in bypassing their security systems. This security is a good thing because it means that your place of business is secure, but it also means that getting locked out can be a real problem.

Luckily, we will always be there to help. As mobile locksmiths, we are never very far away. We have also been in business for over 15 years, so we are sure to solve your business lockout problem.

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