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It may seem like everyone from LA is a transplant from everywhere else, but this locksmith in Los Angeles has never known another home. We understand that even though Los Angeles may not be the largest city, geographically speaking, it certainly takes a while to drive from one side to the other. That is why we use mobile locksmiths all around our city so that we can always get to you know matter where you need a locksmith in Los Angeles, CA.

It can be very difficult for just any locksmith in Los Angeles to get to you, especially if they are in the Valley when you are stuck downtown at 5:00 on a Wednesday. Other locksmiths in LA just can’t compete with how fast we can arrive for an emergency call. Another way they can’t compete is in the vast array of expertise that we hold.

Because United Locksmith only works with the best technicians we like to keep the skills of our workers diverse. That means that we end up having a person that can do what they do better than everyone else. And we have enough people working for us that United Locksmith has become the best in all facets of locksmithing. We specialize, but we specialize in everything.

When it comes to finding a locksmith in Los Angeles, CA, there is no one that compares to United Locksmith. Give us a call and find out why that is more than just bold talk.


How long does it take an emergency locksmith in Los Angeles to arrive?

If you chose just any locksmith in Los Angeles, CA, you might be waiting for while. But that isn’t the case when you make a point to call the fastest locksmith in LA. United Locksmith can reach you no matter where you are in the city, and we can get there faster than the competition. Expect arrival times of around 20 minutes. In some cases, it could take more or less time, but that is our average, and we take great pride in keeping the mean where it is.

How long does it take a commercial locksmith to open a safe?

Our commercial locksmiths can get most safes open in about 10 to 25 minutes. It largely depends on the type of safe and the reason that it is not opening, but almost every safe lockout falls into that range. The faster you need the safe opened, the more likely it is that the technician will need to use a form of destructive entry.

How long will it take a residential locksmith to open my house?

The locks in LA are just as diverse as the people that live in the city. Security can vary from one neighborhood to the next, let alone from home to home. But no matter what type of locks you have on your residence, it should not take much longer than 15 minutes, on the longer end of a service call length, to get the door open. Just know that the better your locks are, the higher the chance that a locksmith will not be able to pick them open, and drilling and replacing the lock may be necessary.

I need a duplicate car key, can the locksmith help me with this?

No matter if you need new car keys for your vintage Volkswagen Beetle parked in the driveway of your home in Reseda or your brand new Tesla S is at the top of Griffith Park, we can make them. Duplicating car keys can be pretty complicated with new electronic protocols but have no worries, all we need is a blank, and we can cut it and/or program onsite wherever you are in LA.

I’m locked out of my car, can the auto locksmith help me out?

Car lockouts happen a lot in Los Angeles, so United Locksmith has had plenty of practice with every type of vehicle under the hot California sun. Most everyone in LA has a car, so the frequency of car lockouts keeps the auto locksmiths at United Locksmith more than busy. But have no fear, we can always work any customer into our busy schedule, and we promise that the wait will far less painful than sitting in LA traffic.

Technician Stats

Specialty: Car lockouts
Years of experience: 24
Passion: Spending time at the beach
Number of locks serviced: Over 8,500
Average arrival time: Approximately 20 minutes

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