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Locksmith in Phoenix

If you’re in Phoenix, Arizona, and are in need of a locksmith service, know that United Locksmith understands how to get the job done. We’re experts in the field of locks and ready to solve your problems anywhere in the Phoenix area in no time at all.

We have been in business for over 15 years, and our Phoenix technicians are all expertly trained to meet your needs. And as mobile technicians, we can arrive at your Phoenix residence or other location very quickly.

Don’t waste your time on other locksmith services in the Phoenix, AZ, area. Call United Locksmith today!

Why You Should Choose United Locksmith

1. Friendly Service

Getting locked out of your home is stressful. Maybe it’s late, and you want to get inside and relax, or maybe you’re hungry and need access to your food. Perhaps you have pets waiting to be fed. Maybe you even have vital medication inside and need to get in as soon as possible. You could be locked out of your car and are going to be late somewhere.

Having a faulty lock is also pretty stressful. You can’t keep guard near that lock at all times, and something could happen while you’re gone. Maybe the lock is broken, and anyone can get inside whenever they want, making it useless. Or perhaps it’s the other way around – you’re worried that the next time you try to use the lock, it won’t unlock at all.

Either way, lock troubles can be a real burden on the mind. Add to that the cost of getting everything fixed, and you get a combination that can become really stressful really fast. You probably have other things you’re dealing with on top of that, and it’s not great to have to throw this added stress in the mix of it all because of circumstances outside your control.

That’s why you’ll most likely want your Phoenix locksmith to be as friendly as possible. No one wants to deal with a rude Phoenix locksmith while coping with all kinds of stress. It’d be nice to talk to someone who’s solely there to help. A locksmith who understands how to solve your problems and is willing to cooperate with you while they do it is a great thing.

Our technicians are professionals. They’re there to help you out during a stressful situation. They’ll treat you with professional courtesy and solve your lock problem as efficiently as possible. If you need a locksmith in Phoenix, look no further than United Locksmith.

2. Expert Knowledge

There are a lot of different locks out in the world, each with its own picking and installation method. To be a sufficient locksmith, you need to understand the ins and outs of pin tumbler locks, lever locks, wafer locks, disk detainer locks, electronic locks, and any number of other types. On top of that, locks are constantly innovating, changing as technology advances.

Locks are designed to be hard to mess with. It takes special knowledge and practice to get past a lock. It’s not something that just anyone with the right equipment can do – you need to genuinely know what you’re doing. And if you’re looking for a locksmith in Phoenix, you’ll want to ensure the one you hire is one of the good ones.

A good Phoenix locksmith doesn’t just understand the rote knowledge of how locks work but has the actual years of experience and utilized skills necessary to be an excellent locksmith. United Locksmith has been in business for over fifteen years. Our technicians have the background needed to be the best locksmiths they can be right when you need them.

If you believe expert knowledge isn’t necessary for solving a lock-based situation, then feel free to try and solve your problem yourself. You may run into some difficulties or even accidentally damage your lock in your failed attempts. If you want to solve a lockout, complete an installation, or whatever else you need to get done, you need to call in some professional help.

Call United Locksmith now for that expert touch. Our Phoenix locksmith services are exactly what you need, and our technicians are ready to solve your problems and get you back to your day. We know our way around locks and have the locksmith knowledge and skill to get everything working as it should.

3. Helpful Advice

Our services are done by people who understand how to properly take care of your needs. We know that you should have someone helpful by your side, and we’re here to help. You don’t want an unfriendly locksmith you’re forced to work with. You’d want someone you can actively communicate with and a technician willing to be understanding.

We’ve all had to deal with unhelpful people before. It can be particularly frustrating when the rude person is someone you’ve hired to help you. What can you do about the mean comments, unhelpful attitude, and lack of assistance? Unfortunately, the best you can do is try to hire someone better next time. You’re just going to have to consider your experience unsatisfactory.

Helpfulness is vital when dealing with a locksmith. Your locksmith should be able to accurately communicate the problem and what courses of action are feasible, as well as which one is the best. You should feel comfortable describing the troubles you’ve been having to the person you hired for their professional expertise. A back-and-forth is part of the process.

That’s why hiring a friendly locksmith service is not only pleasant, it’s crucial. If you can’t properly talk to your locksmith, then something could go wrong. They might try destructive entry without asking, damaging your lock permanently. They could misunderstand an issue and propose an incorrect solution. They might leave without solving anything after an argument.

A helpful locksmith understands what your needs are and how to meet them. They’ll know what solutions are in your budget and what can best be done to fix the problem. Problem-solving is all about active communication. When looking for a locksmith in Phoenix, you need to find someone you can engage with.

4. Fast Arrival Times

Having to wait around for a locksmith to arrive is pretty annoying. It’s easy to get impatient, especially in an emergency where you can’t leave your lock alone. You make plans, set an appointment, and then you’re stuck waiting. You thought you called a locksmith in Phoenix, not one in Timbuktu! What could be taking them so long?

You might have past experiences waiting a long time for a locksmith to arrive. Sometimes, this is unavoidable due to traffic or rural location. Other times, you might be scratching your head and wondering what could conceivably be holding them up. It’s always really frustrating whenever this happens.

United Locksmith is a mobile service, meaning our Phoenix locksmiths are always on the move. There could be one in your area right now, as a matter of fact. You don’t need to wait for someone on the other side of the city to drive all the way over to wherever you are – we can come to you no problem! Using a mobile service is a very efficient way to fix a lock.

Wait times are, in the end, an unavoidable part of hiring a locksmith service, but we try to make those wait times as short as possible. We can come to your home, place of business, automobile, or whatever else much faster than some other Phoenix locksmiths. Some technicians don’t mind keeping you waiting as long as possible. You’ll want to avoid those.

If you need a locksmith in Phoenix, now you don’t need to worry about arrival time. Now you can simply use our mobile service to get the help you need without having to wait around for hours for a technician to arrive. Don’t rely on slower, less efficient locksmith services to help you out. Instead, call our service.

5. Fast Work Times

Locksmithing is a process that can sometimes take a while. It’s annoying having to wait for both the technician to arrive and through your entire locksmith process. Obviously, the locksmith has to take their time to help you, but it’s hard not to get impatient. By the time the technician is done, you’re probably itching to get back to your life!

It’s great if a locksmith is thorough, but that doesn’t have to mean taking ages to finish the work. You have places to be and things to do, and you probably don’t even want to deal with a locksmith today. The ideal Phoenix locksmith finishes the work as fast as possible, and an unideal Phoenix locksmith will keep you waiting for ages.

A locksmith with a fast working time is great. You won’t have to sit around for too long, waiting for the complex process of locksmithing to be finished. It’d be nice if the technician could just get the work done as fast as possible, and you could be on your way in no time. Fast working times are a crucial step in choosing the right locksmith for you.

If you need a locksmith in Phoenix that won’t unnecessarily keep you waiting, why not call United Locksmith? Our technicians are professionals that understand that you’re probably busy and have things you need to get to. We’ll get the job done as fast as possible and be on our way in no time.

United Locksmith has the qualities you’d want a locksmith to have, with the knowledge, helpfulness, and fast work times. If you need a locksmith in Phoenix, be sure to give us a call and employ our helpful and skilled technicians.

Having lock issues in Phoenix?

Whether you forgot the keys to your house or your locks got warped in the heat, United Locksmith knows how to fix your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’re mobile locksmiths and located all over Phoenix, so you don’t need to worry about any lateness. We can service the entire Phoenix, AZ area with these three important qualities.

1. Expert Training

All of our technicians know how to diagnose and solve any lock problem you may be having. Locks can malfunction in a variety of ways, especially in the Phoenix heat, and our locksmiths can understand both what the problem is and how to solve it. And in lockout situations, we know how to get you back into your home or place of business in a flash.

2. Helpful Attitude

Some locksmith services in Phoenix are simply after your money and not willing to cooperate or negotiate to solve your problems. Our locksmiths, on the other hand, are here to help. Our Phoenix technicians are there to help you first and foremost and will work together with you to solve your problems.

3. Quick Work Time

We know how to get in and out of your locks as fast as possible. You don’t need to worry about waiting around for hours while you get serviced. We can solve your lock issues in under an hour and will be on our way in no time. We are mobile all over Phoenix!


United Locksmith
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Car Lockout

When your keys are locked in your car, car door locks won't open, etc., you need an automotive locksmith. Open your car fast and get back on the road.

Truck Lockout

Locked keys in trunk or trunk won't open? We have an auto locksmith standing by with the tools and training to unlock your trunk. Get the fix you need.

Car Key Replacement

An auto locksmith can make a set of replacement car keys without the original. If you have lost your car keys and have no spare, contact United Locksmith.

Car Key Duplication

Duplicating car keys from your original key is easy with United Locksmith. Our auto locksmiths have key blanks from the widest variety of car manufacturers.

Key Fob Replacement

Replacement car key remotes and keyless ignition fobs are our specialty. Auto locksmiths can deliver parts and program your key fob at your current location.

Transponder Key Programming

Transponder car keys need to be programmed in order to start the vehicle. Call an auto locksmith to get your new transponder car keys working properly.

Car Key Extraction

Keys stuck in a car door lock or ignition require the tools of a professional auto locksmith. Get fast service without risking unnecessary damage to your car.

Car Key Cutting

United Locksmith can cut new car keys with or without a working key. Our car locksmiths will get your vehicle information and cut a brand new key by code.

Ignition Cylinder Replacement

Ignition cylinders break in many ways, and sometimes replacement is the only option. A car locksmith can fix the damage and make the vehicle drivable again.

Ignition Switch Replacement

A car not starting may need an ignition switch replacement. Diagnose and solve your issue with the help of a professionally trained automotive locksmith.

Ignition Rekey

Change the key that starts your car without changing the ignition cylinder. An auto locksmith can match all the locks on your vehicle to work with one key.

Car Door Lock Repair

Car door locks not opening? A car locksmith can come to your location, diagnose your issue, repair damaged parts, and replace any broken car door locks.


House Lockout

If you are locked out of your house, apartment, or any other residential space, call a home locksmith. Our team is prepared to help open your locked door.

Lock Change

Changing locks is easy with a professional home locksmith. Get the locks you need installed properly, so you can rest assured your home is safe and secure.

Lock Rekey

Do you want to save money on changing locks or have several locks open with the same key? You can when you hire a home locksmith to rekey your locks.

Lock Repair

Get your locks back in working order without replacing them. With professional lock repair from a trained home locksmith you'll save money and fix your lock.

Lock Installation

Installing a lock on a brand new door can be complicated without a home locksmith. United Locksmith can prep and cut new doors and install fresh locks.

Smart Lock Installation

With new technologies come new installation considerations. To make sure your smart locks are properly installed, call the home locksmith you can trust.

Broken Key Extraction

When a key breaks off in a lock, trying to get it out yourself can make the problem worse. With a trained residential locksmith service is fast and easy.

Window Lock Repair

Make sure your windows are locking and not undermining your home security. A residential locksmith can repair or replace broken window locks as needed.

Safe Lockout

Opening a locked safe requires professional skills. If you lose your safe key or combination, you need a home locksmith who offers safe lockout services.

Residential Mailbox

Mailbox lock changes can be tricky, especially if you cannot open the lock. This is why you should call a trained home locksmith to change mailbox locks.


Business Lockout

Locked out of your office, storefront, or workplace? Get your business back on track by opening your locked door with a trained commercial locksmith.

Commercial Lock Installation

With professional commercial lock installation, you can be confident that your business is secure. A commercial locksmith ensures proper lock functionality.

Commercial Mailbox Change

Don't leave your private business correspondence vulnerable by delaying essential mailbox lock replacement. Call a commercial locksmith for service today.

Unlock File Cabinets

You need access to all your important business information, so be sure you can access it all by calling a commercial locksmith to unlock your file cabinets.

Electronic Lock Services

Modern electronic door locks require commercial locksmith services for installation, repair, and maintenance. Let us keep your locks working and up to date.

Business Safe Lockout

For fast and discreet commercial safe lockout services, contact United Locksmith. Our commercial locksmiths have the specialized safe training you need.


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