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Commercial Lock Installation

Commercial lock installation at your businesses' convenience

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Commercial Locksmith Services


When do you need to replace a commercial lock?

There are several reasons that you may need commercial lock installation.

If you have experienced a break-in, increasing building security by replacing your locks is highly recommended. Your locks may also be hard to use, indicating that they may break soon. You may also already have locks that are not very high security, and you may realize you need a replacement before something happens.

What kind of locks are best to install in commercial buildings?

You should purchase ANSI grade 1 locks. These ensure maximum security when it comes to the risk of someone breaking down your doors. As for the types of commercial door locks, you can go with a typical cylindrical lever lock or use electric strike locks or keypad door locks to ensure lock picking is impossible.

Can I increase my building’s security by installing commercial locks?

You may have low-security locks without realizing it. A vital part of securing your commercial building is researching what kind of locks you have and whether or not they are secure. It is absolutely a good idea to get commercial lock installation done to increase your building’s physical security.

How long does commercial lock installation take?

The time depends on what lock is currently in the door and what you plan on installing. Nevertheless, the process should take only around 20-30 minutes. If you plan to replace the lock with the same type, the commercial lock installation should not take long. If you are getting an entirely new type of lock, it may take a bit longer.

What happens during commercial lock installation?

A locksmith examines the brand of lock already installed and then carefully removes it piece-by-piece. After removing all of these parts, new ones are inserted into the door to take their place. Finally, they test the lock to ensure that it works.

Commercial Lock Installation

Sometimes your commercial building has a problem with its locks. It could be that your lock is not very secure. Or maybe it is starting to get worn out and must be replaced soon.

You can always call United Locksmith to come to your aid when this happens. We are mobile technicians, meaning that we are never too far away and can come to fix your locks as quickly as possible.

It is vital that you have functioning locks in your commercial building. Business theft is common, and you must always be on alert. If your locks are not secure enough, you may have to deal with someone breaking in and stealing things.

When requesting commercial lock replacement, you can choose to replace your locks with the same brand and make, or upgrade your security system. A trustworthy locksmith service will know what kind of locks you already have and replace them with the same brand and make. They also understand how to install new lock systems, no matter how complex.

When Commercial Locks Need to Be Changed

There are three common scenarios where locks need to be changed.

The first is that a break-in has occurred. Replacing locks after a break-in is highly recommended, as this means that someone has staked out your commercial building and knows its weaknesses and where to attack. The burglar may also have damaged your locks during the break-in.

You may have recently let go of an employee that still has access to your business, compromising your lock’s security. Your locks may also generally not be very secure and might need a replacement. There are a few ways to know how high security your lock is.

Benign by determining your lock’s brand and style. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be hard to find. Look for a logo on the key, knob, door plate, or door jamb. If there is nothing there, you can call United Locksmith to assess your lock’s brand. Locksmiths are equipped with the reference materials and general knowledge to understand lock types.

After figuring out what kind of lock you have, do some research. Check the lock’s ANSI grade: a grade 1 is high security, while grades 2 and 3 are not ideal for commercial locks. You can also look into lockpicking communities and see if they describe your lock as easy to bypass. If you find that your lock is low security, you should replace it.

The third main scenario for lock replacement is that your locks are worn or old. Locks get inevitably worn out over time, and you must be careful to maintain your locks. This process is just a natural part of a lock’s life cycle.

Check if your lock has trouble opening, has problems with the keys sliding in and out, or has an overall decrepit appearance. In these cases, you should replace your lock as soon as possible. It may stop working altogether, and you will be stuck in a business lockout situation, meaning you will have to call a locksmith regardless.

Risk Factors for Damaged Commercial Locks

All locks get worn down or damaged eventually, but there are several warning signs that you will need to replace your locks soon.

Pay attention to how the key is sliding in and out of the keyhole. The motion should be smooth and unobstructed. Once a keyhole becomes warped or jammed, the lock will be unusable, and you will need to call United Locksmith for commercial lock installation.

If your lock does not use a key and is rather electronic or electromagnetic, check how old it is. These kinds of locks typically last around five years. You may soon have trouble with parts malfunctioning, jamming, or altogether not operating.

You should also pay attention to the sliding of the deadbolt. This motion should be smooth and done with little strength. If your deadbolt is struggling to lock, this can pose a security risk. Of course, any broken lock is a security risk.

If your electronic lock is failing or is operating inconsistently, you may need to replace it soon. Check if the lock is fail-safe, meaning it will be unlocked when it fails, or fail-secure, meaning it will be locked when it fails, and plan accordingly.

You should keep an eye on your locks if your place of business is in a humid or salty environment or experiences extreme temperatures. Some locks are more resistant to environmental strain than others, but all complicated metallic mechanisms eventually get worn down by these factors.

A lock is more likely to get damaged if you use it often. Keep an eye on which ones are used frequently in your place of business, such as front doors, bathrooms, and offices that are regularly locked and unlocked.

The Process of Commercial Lock Installation

United Locksmith understands how to replace locks as efficiently as possible.

First, the locksmith will examine the lock and gather whatever information they need. They will review the problem and assess whether or not it is solvable without a lock replacement. Next, they will try to determine what lock they are working with.

After determining what type of lock it is, they will determine how the new one will fit into the previous lock’s system. If it is the same brand and make, the locksmith will not have to worry about the previous system. If the new one is vastly different, however, the locksmith may have to adjust the door.

Next, the locksmith will remove the original lock. They will start by unscrewing the plates on the door. After that, the locksmith will remove the doorknob, faceplate, and latch mechanism. They remove the bolt and cylinders if the lock is a deadbolt rather than a doorknob lock. Finally, the locksmith will remove the strike plate on the door frame.

After all of the old parts of the lock have been taken out, they will install new ones. First, they will clear out any debris. They will then install a new strike plate on the door frame, and then the deadbolt, cylinders, and latch mechanism will go on. The faceplate will be installed, as well as the doorknobs. Finally, they will install the plates.

At the end of the commercial lock installation, the locksmith will test the lock and ensure that everything is functioning as it should. The locksmith will fix any problems if they arise, finish the job, and leave.

This process is very complicated and can go wrong if the person attempting it does not understand the inner workings of locks. It is best that you leave it up to a reliable locksmith.

How to Get Your Commercial Locks Replaced

Replacing your commercial locks with something more secure is a vital step in security. Your place of business should be as ironclad as possible.

After looking into whether or not your locks are secure or functioning and deciding they need a replacement, you can call United Locksmith.

United Locksmith is a mobile technician service. We are always on the move and, as a result, never too far away. Calling us to replace your commercial locks is incredibly simple.

Trusted locksmith businesses like United Locksmith are the best option for commercial lock installation. We are the only ones with the correct expertise and experience to replace a lock correctly and without problems.

We have been in business for over 15 years, so call us today for your commercial lock installation.

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