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School Safety Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Ralph February 29, 2016

School Safety Statistics

Metal Detector Programs

Kids are 5.8% less likely to carry a weapon in school.
Kids are 7.5%  less likely to carry a weapon going to and from school.

To the statement, ‘‘Police/security officers should search students with metal detectors’’:

  • 57% of girls answered ‘‘Yes’’
  • 40% of boys answered ‘‘Yes’’
  • 49% of the total group answered “Yes”

Administrator’s thoughts on the effectiveness of metal detectors:

  • 32% felt that metal detectors were somewhat or very effective at reducing violent crime.
  • 14% felt that they were somewhat or very effective at reducing drug crimes.
  • 32% of administrators from districts which utilized metal detectors felt that it was effective for reducing or minimizing crime.

Over half (55%) of administrators felt that metal detectors were ‘‘somewhat’’ or ‘‘very’’ effective ‘‘overall’’.

Fear of Violence

Students between the ages of 12-18 are more likely to be victims of violence at school than they are at home:

  • Violent victimization rate at school: 37 in 1000 (3.7%)
  • Violent victimization rate at home: 15 in 1000 (1.5%)

Incidents of Crime

Public schools that recorded or reported incidents of crime, vandalism, and threats of injury in school:

  • Between 85% and 89% recorded incidents of crime.
  • Between 60% and 65% reported incidents of crime to the police.
  • Between 46% and 49% recorded incidents of vandalism.
  • 9% of school teachers reported being threatened with injury by a student from their school.

Data Sources

Journal of School Health

Category: Crime, Infographics, Safety & Security

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