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Finding The Right Business Security Cameras

by Wesley March 6, 2023

A thriving business relies on a steady flow of customers, products, and services. It takes a lot of hard work and thoughtful strategy to remain competitive. This holds true across every industry and business model because the rewards of success are built on sacrifice and perseverance, which means protecting your business against physical security threats!

You’ve already invested so much time and money to make it your life’s work. Now it’s time to protect that investment and seriously consider installing business security cameras. Nobody likes to think about the worst-case scenario involving their storefront or commercial building, but you need to be prepared. However, it’s not as simple as just buying a security camera.

Entrepreneurs and business owners must draw up a security budget and fully develop a long-term strategy for keeping their employees and operations safe. United Locksmith offers the commercial sector many avenues to execute a plan of this nature. Commercial locksmiths bring a lot of great ideas and professional insights when it comes to installing business security cameras.

In this article, we will break down the key concepts surrounding business security cameras and what you should be looking out for. There are essentially four things you need to consider:

  1. Technical Features
  2. Volume
  3. Pricing
  4. Security Modifications

These four elements of business security cameras are crucial for protecting your company and making sure criminals understand they’re being watched. But before we get into the details, let’s answer a few questions and learn the basics about business security cameras.


How much can business security cameras help with increasing security?

Building security can benefit greatly from around-the-clock business security cameras. The presence of a constant “eye in the sky” that sees every movement is valuable. For instance, anybody looking to commit robbery on a small business or storefront is going to try and do it quickly.

Business security cameras monitor every second, so no matter how fast someone tries to pull a heist, they’re going to be caught on camera. That video evidence can then be used by law enforcement officials to track down the perpetrator. Also, businesses in these situations have to file an insurance claim for potential compensation. Video clips of the crime would act as proof.

Are business security cameras the same as commercial alarm systems?

Business security cameras as individual units themselves aren’t the same as commercial alarm systems. However, they can be paired with a commercial alarm system and complement its existing features. We will dive deeper into the technical elements later on, but in the meantime, just keep in mind that business security cameras are an ideal fit for alarm systems.

Can business security cameras capture audio?

Sometimes we watch clips of business security camera footage either on the news or through social media, depicting a crime being committed over grainy resolution and without audio. In today’s age of modern technology, that should never be the case. You need to invest in quality business security cameras with audio-capturing features.

During an official police investigation or an in-house security review, every bit of information is vital. Any recorded audio could be used as sufficient evidence in these situations and potentially help save your business. If your business security cameras don’t record audio, do some research and try to fix that. It could make a huge difference!

Do all security cameras work off WiFi?

No! Older equipment that still depends on VCR or cassette tapes doesn’t have the ability to connect business security cameras to wireless internet. Some business owners might be thinking, do people actually use VCRs and cassettes today? The answer is yes. And that’s okay because business security camera systems are different.

Some business owners feel they don’t need to invest additional funds into newer technology for business security cameras. That’s a completely fair opinion. It’s your business, and everyone has the right to run operations as they see fit. But in order to maximize security coverage, upgrade your business security cameras with the latest technology.

What is the difference between surveillance cameras and security cameras?

People tend to describe surveillance cameras and security cameras like they’re interchangeable, but there are a few differences. Surveillance cameras serve the distinct purpose of monitoring an area, while security cameras are used to deter suspicious and/or criminal activity. Now, a business security camera could be both at the same time.

In fact, for increased protection, you’ll want a business security camera that also serves as surveillance. You can think of the surveillance component as being insurance just in case a trespasser doesn’t see the security cameras as a legitimate threat to their illegal operation. 

1. Technical Features

Business security cameras are great tools to have at your disposal. Nobody wants to think about the day they need to use video evidence for proof that a crime took place. It’s an uneasy feeling that leaves your business vulnerable and exposed. Business security cameras provide a sense of relief because the information you need gets stored.

Specific steps need to be taken before your business security cameras are ready to operate efficiently. But first, you as a business owner, need to figure out your security goals. What is your objective? Are you trying to prevent crime or employee theft? Does your business facility house valuable items that elicit stronger security measures?

These are all important questions you should be asking yourself. You also need to decide on visual elements. How do you want your business security cameras to look? A lot of people struggle with the option of getting wireless or wired security cameras. Additional features like installing motion sensors are another idea to ponder.

But from a technical standpoint, your business security cameras should provide the following:

  • High Resolution Video
  • Quality Audio 
  • Motion Detection/Night Vision 
  • Reliable Data Storage 

Without these features, you are putting your business at risk. If we are talking in terms of the highest priority, the audio component is really the only one you can get by without. The other three are crucial if you want high-performance business security cameras. Motion detection and night vision characteristics could be replaced with adequate lighting. 

Bright lights shining outside your business throughout the night are an effective deterrent and safety feature on their own. Although it’s not part of a business security camera, it’s another helpful tool that every business owner should capitalize on. Good lighting also offers more all-around coverage and volume!

2. Volume & Perimeter Coverage 

The perimeter of your business can stand in the way of possible security threats. You could make the argument that outdoor security cameras are single-handedly the most important component of protecting your business. But you must make sure your business security cameras survey enough square footage and cover as much ground as possible.

Next, you have to figure out the best locations to install surveillance cameras. The placement process mitigates weak spots in perimeter security and bolsters surveillance in high-traffic areas. Upon assessment of the building and surrounding space, you have to determine where the business security cameras will go and how many are needed.

3. Pricing

Earlier, we touched on the importance of creating a security budget for your business. Part of the budget should take into consideration the cost of business security cameras. Volume impacts the price because larger buildings and facilities will require more devices to fully cover the perimeter with enough video surveillance.

And as a fiscally responsible business, you have to be honest with yourself about how much equipment you can afford. There are plenty of economical-friendly security strategies that save money long-term. The hardest part is figuring out how to stretch your dollars far enough to reap the rewards that business security cameras offer.

For context, installation and activation of a business security camera should cost you somewhere between $400 and $900. After the initial installation, you are probably looking at about $130 to $200 in monthly subscription fees. Prices may vary depending on the service you choose, but those numbers will give you a ballpark figure.

4. Business Security Camera Modifications & Upgrades

The challenge with business security cameras is making sure you are implementing a technically sound security system that offers ample coverage. Executing this task is the sole responsibility of the business owner, but United Locksmith has security experts readily available to answer questions and offer suggestions.

Businesses can drive themselves crazy, contemplating decisions over small upgrades to the existing security system. And it makes sense because you are trying to do the right thing and put your business in the best possible position to succeed. Our trusted technicians at United want you to know that you shouldn’t have to make these decisions alone.

Modifications can always be made to your business security cameras, whether it’s connecting them to a sophisticated commercial alarm system or strengthening the technology around them like installing electronic locks. United will help you work within your financial means to set up a reliable business security camera system that is both practical and functional!

Closing Advice 

Business security cameras are of great value to business owners and entrepreneurs alike, but there are a lot of factors to consider. United Locksmith has qualified technicians with industry experience and helpful advice.

Business security cameras fall well within our jurisdiction of locksmith services because we possess infinite amounts of knowledge when it comes to commercial spaces. Please feel free to contact us whenever you need answers!

Category: Buying Guides, Commercial, Crime, Safety & Security

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