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Interior Door Security: Split Door Jambs

by Wesley February 6, 2023

Interior doors are a critical component of commercial and residential security. When it comes to security topics, in general, everyone tends to focus on things like front door security and wireless security cameras. But there are more elements to be aware of and specific parts and mechanisms that contribute to your overall security.

Split door jambs are one of those elements that can improve your security, especially with interior doors. Interior doors may not elicit a strong reaction from a security standpoint, but it’s not something you can gloss over and forget about. Each door inside your home, office building or commercial space is vitally important. Everyone should know about split door jambs.

When you’re choosing the right door for inside your home, split door jambs are quite common. In this article, United Locksmith’s expertise in residential and commercial security will explain what split door jambs are and how they should be used for optimal results. In doing this, we’ll take a look at the following three concepts for split door jambs:

Each of these themes presents a different way of learning about split door jambs while providing practical solutions. But first, before we address those points, let’s hammer out the basics and build a foundation of knowledge on split door jambs.


What is a split door jamb?

Your typical door is equipped with several different parts. We all know about basic door knobs and handles, locks, and door frames. These are very identifiable parts we associate with doors. Door jambs are a little different because when a door is properly installed, you can’t see them. Every door is equipped with a door jamb, and a split door jamb is a subset of that essential part.

From the outside, door frames have a specific style or design. That piece of exterior trim is called the door case. Door jambs are behind the door case and provide all of the technical functions. An easy way of thinking about this is by comparing it to paint and drywall – the paint provides the visual aesthetic and color, while the drywall is the actual material holding it together.

In that analogy, the drywall is the door jamb. Split door jambs are a specific type of door jamb that is frequently used. It gets its name because there are two parts of a split door jamb – the tongue and the groove. Both parts are separated from each other. And the wall fits between them.

Why would you need a split door jamb?

Split door jambs serve a lot of key benefits. The main one is functionality. It may sound simplistic, but split door jambs work. Having a reliable split door jamb is the most important part. Otherwise, what’s the point? Split door jambs are also very helpful in older homes and buildings because the split in the jamb can be modified to fit any wall.

Split door jambs are more versatile than other types because they can be installed in any doorway. Sometimes they are more difficult because it requires a few additional steps, but we’ll get into that later. All you need to know now is that split door jambs are the best choice when the frame of the interior wall is thicker than a standard door opening.

How do you remove a split jamb door?

If you ever encounter a problem with your split door jamb, and it needs to either be replaced or removed, that’s always an option. One of United Locksmith’s talented technicians has the ability to handle the situation for you, but it can also be done by someone else. First, you begin by unscrewing the hinges to take off the door frame.

Take a crowbar or a claw hammer and insert it between the door frame and the split door jamb. Gently pull the split door jamb away from the wall, making sure not to damage the frame or the drywall. It will take some finesse and experience to successfully pull this off, which is why a lot of people hire a professional craftsman.

The biggest problem we see with split door jamb removal jobs is in the aftermath. Usually, the split door jamb was yanked away too fast or with too much force. This can permanently damage both the split door jamb and the door frame, making them unusable. You can save yourself money by properly removing the split door jamb and repurposing it for future projects!

What is the difference between a door jamb and a door frame?

People often confuse split door jambs with the door frame. Unfortunately, we hear this misconception a lot and would like to set the record straight. Split door jambs may appear to be the same apparatus as the door frame, but it’s a separate piece. This makes both the installation and removal process a two-pronged approach.

As we mentioned earlier, the door frame, also called the door case, is the visual representation. The split door jamb is the functional, behind-the-scenes character fastening the door to the wall. At the end of the day, you don’t need to feel pressured to handle all of this yourself. There are plenty of skilled carpenters and professionals able to assist.

Split Door Jamb Applications

Split door jambs have plenty of practical applications in modern home security. And for the sake of this article, being focused on interior security, we’ll explore why Interior doors are the primary means of use. Split door jambs can also be used on other types of doors like exterior doors, sliding doors, and even double doors. There are several functions because split door jambs are versatile!

The main thing you need to look out for with split door jambs is the measurements. The door jamb holds everything together, from the hinges on one side to the strike plate and door latch on the other side. You can’t have a stable, working door with the split door jambs lined up incorrectly. That may seem like an obvious statement. But it’s very true and often gets overlooked.

A major advantage of using split door jambs is they already come with the casing (door trim) installed, which makes the installation process move along faster! And just like we’ve already mentioned that split door jambs can adjust to wall thickness. They also adjust to floor thickness at the bottom. This means any doorway can be modified for a split door jamb.

Split Door Jamb Installation

Now that we’ve gone over the applications of split door jambs, it’s time to learn about the installation process. Similar to how homeowners and business folks choose inside door locks, it’s important to choose the right skilled worker to install a split door jamb. If you feel confident in your own abilities, feel free to give it a try!

United Locksmith provides professional advice and assistance for split door jamb installation, making your interior doors stronger just like we can help reinforce your front door. There are minor adjustments that create major enhancements to your indoor security. But from a basic level, here’s how you would install a split door jamb:

  1. Make it level – First, you need to take a level and make sure the floor is even with the bottom of the wall jamb. 
  1. Trim jambs – If you see the floor isn’t level, cut the jambs to the right length until it matches up. In a new house or office space, you have to account for the flooring and leave room for tile, hardwood, or carpet.
  1. Size it up – Take your door and gently place it inside the wall opening to ensure it will fit. This is just a double-check on the door’s width.
  1. Screw-in door trim – Drill 2 1/2 in. finish screws through the door trim into the wall. (Always check for levels)
  1. Cut the door – Next, you need to free the door from the trim by making a smooth cut with a fine-tooth hacksaw blade. Take it slow and be extra careful so you don’t damage the door or the door jamb.
  1. Shim the jambs – Take 3-inch wide shims and put them between the jamb and the opening you just cut. Tack the shims into place.
  1. Connect the jambs – Beginning at the top, join the jamb to the other half already in place and nail it in through the trim.
  1. Screw the hinges – The final step is to screw in the hinges. It’s a good idea to swap out one of the screws with a longer one to make sure the hinge is tightly secured to the frame.
  1. Examine your work – Take a step back and see if everything looks right!

Sometimes people run into problems executing the process in full. That’s perfectly normal. Split door jambs can be tricky to install. Professionals are available to offer their experience and save you time and money on split door jamb installation.

Security Level Of Split Door Jambs

The versatility of split door jambs is a nice touch and makes for a convenient installation process, but how does it hold up against force? Generally, split door jambs are adequate for interior security. Everything you need, from a locking mechanism, to overall functionality, can be found with split door jambs.

We touched on this concept earlier, but professional locksmiths can also make certain modifications to split door jambs that make them stronger. Burglar-proof doors can be the difference in protecting your livelihood from unwanted visitors. Locksmiths are security experts who have witnessed every type of residential and commercial scenario.

Our trusted technicians at United will assess your doors and generate ideas on how to prevent burglary and keep your property and valuables safe. Split door jambs play a small role in doing so, but it’s one of the many benefits of choosing a locksmith. We dissect all elements of interior security down to the last detail.

Closing Advice

Split door jambs are a small piece of the puzzle in achieving the overall goal of securing a space. As a common part of interior doors, split door jambs work just fine. From a security and installation perspective, residents and businesses can benefit greatly by utilizing split door jambs. And for more information and expert advice, contact United Locksmith and see if there’s more we can do to help!

Category: Residential, Safety & Security

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