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A Guide To Understanding Door Lock Prices: Cost vs. Security

by Hugo Reed August 9, 2017
Door Lock Prices

If you take the time to talk to homeowners, most of them will tell you that cost has an important role to play in any decision made about their homes and properties. Real estate is a demanding investment that should not be taken lightly, or else you run the risk of putting the security of your investment in jeopardy. There are many factors that influence the cost of the various elements that make up a property, and these elements range from personal preference to the type of security that you want. However, it is important that you understand that not all of these factors should be considered equal.

It is this basic understanding that brings us to the discussion about cost and security. How much does sufficient and robust security cost? Does low cost mean low security? How does this apply to door lock price? Taking a close look at some of these questions will help us understand how these elements influence door lock prices. It will also give us some more insight into why homeowners choose the door locks that they do. Door lock prices are not immune to change, neither do they have a constant price.

For instance, the main door lock price of a home will vary greatly from the price of the lock that is used on a bathroom door or a bedroom door. The door lock price can vary based on the brand, the demand of said lock, and also the nature of the lock. Another factor in the variation of the door lock price is the fact that there are multiple locks that each serve different purposes. For instance, there are locks used to enhance door security and those used to enhance gate security. Essentially it shows that there will always be some locks that are more secure than others and some that are more expensive than others.

In this article, we will take a look at how the factors of cost and security will determine a new door lock price. Homeowners and property managers should be aware of the fact that the use of the words cost and price do not always equate to monetary value. Cost can be applied to many different things, and in some cases, this can be your time and your safety. Before we delve into some of the factors that influence new door lock prices, we should gain a better understanding of the argument of cost versus security.

The Argument Of Cost vs. Security

Cost and security are extremely influential in determining the ways homeowners and commercial property manager’s view door lock price, and the price of other facets of security for that matter. The truth is, most people know that security should be a priority when they are buying new door locks, but they will also take the cost into account and attempt to spend less money if they can. Do not get me wrong, I completely understand why it is done, but in some cases, it isn’t always the right decision.

Also, there is a common misconception that security means having to break your back in terms of cost, but this is simply not true. There are many effective security measures that can be employed that do not bear a costly price tag. For instance, if an ANSI Grade 1 deadbolt lock is above your budget, you can always build additional security measures around a Grade 2 deadbolt to help increase its effectiveness.

When it comes to door lock price and door security, it is often the case that higher grade door locks will cost much more than their counterparts. This is simply because higher grade door locks are meant to withstand much more force. The cost of security should not be taken lightly, but if you begin to skimp on your security to cut down on costs, you should be fully aware of what it is you are skimping on. Now, I am not saying that you should go above and beyond your budget just to make your home secure, but you should strive to set up the best security that you can within your means.

Let’s take a look at deadbolt locks for instance. Grade 1 deadbolt locks are a little more pricey than Grade 3 deadbolt locks, but they provide a much more substantial amount of security. Choosing to use Grade 3 deadbolts on the exterior of your home, as opposed to Grade 1 deadbolt locks, can put you at risk. If you choose to do so because you want to reduce the new door lock price, you will end up paying much more than just a new door lock price. It is crucial for you to try and avoid using the wrong lock.

Earlier on I said that price and cost and price do not always equate to monetary value. In some ways the cost the new door lock price can be a lack of security, especially if you opt to go for the cheapest options on the market. I do not mean that the most expensive brands are always the most secure, but the cheapest ones hardly are. Security measures are put in place to ensure that your property is being kept safe, and that the well-being of your family members, tenants, and employees are not being jeopardized.

In many ways, doors and door locks are the building blocks of some of the greatest security measures, and this is one of the reasons why they are so important. If you decide that the cost of your door locks is much more important than security, you will most likely pay a door lock price that is worth much more than money. This could be through damage to your property or the loss of valuable personal items.

Essentially, the argument of cost and security is a very complicated one to settle because there are so many different ways to approach it. In some instances, a higher monetary cost is an indicator of high security and in others, a higher cost is indicative of more risk. Next up, I am going to look at some of the factors that come into play when you are talking about door lock price, and the manner in which it relates to cost and security.

Factors That Influence Door Lock Price

Door Lock Types

The argument about cost versus security has the tendency to become muddled at times, which is partially what we explored above. However, taking the time to explore the relation between these elements and the factors that influence door lock set price is one of the best ways to clear up any confusion. These factors will be viewed through the lens of security so that we have a better grasp of the role that security plays when it comes to cost.

1. Type of Door Lock

Door lock types are not universal, and whenever you take the time to talk about new door lock prices and the ways cost and security come into play, you have to talk about the type of door lock that is being used. In a much broader sense, there are traditional door locks and smart locks that people can choose from. It is more likely that you have come into contact with traditional door locks in some way or form because they have been around for much longer and are used more widely than smart locks.

Also, there is some diversity to traditional locks, in the sense that they can be used in various different mediums, whereas smart locks are usually used in homes and commercial settings. There are several different options that people can choose from when it comes to traditional door locks and smart locks, and in this day and age, most homes and offices use a combination of both mechanisms. Many smart locks use the same basic locking mechanisms as traditional locks, with the added feature of automation, which is what sets them apart.

There is an argument to be made that traditional locks are (currently) more secure than smart locks, and many would agree. After all, they have been in use much longer, and this has given people enough time to troubleshoot their locks and build around them. A perfect example can be seen in the history of padlocks. Due to the fact that they have been around for such a long time, their weaknesses have been tested and measures have been made to combat these. However, smart locks present their own new sets of vulnerabilities. When it comes to door lock price, the type of door lock you choose will be integral.

If you were comparing the most basic traditional door lock to the most basic smart lock, the smart lock would have a higher price point. However, does this higher price point necessarily mean that the smart locks are a more effective locking mechanism? In this instance, the price is not equivalent to security, and this is because of many of the cybersecurity vulnerabilities that smart locks have to contend with.

However, even if you narrow your focus to just traditional locks, the door lock price will be influenced by the type of lock that you choose. For example, a Grade 1 commercial mortise lockset will be much more costly than a Grade 1 deadbolt that is used for residential purposes even though they are both traditional locks.

2. Door Lock Grade

The grade of a door lock is a measure of the quality and security of the lock. The grading system is used to ascertain the strength of different types of locks, and then they are graded in terms of their level of security and longevity. With the grading system that ANSI (American National Standards Institute) uses, a Grade 1 lock is classified as the strongest and a Grade 3 lock as the lowest. These locks are tested to see how much force they can withstand and also to see how well they hold up over certain periods of use. A door lock grade is important to the door lock price because it is most often the case that Grade 1 locks for both commercial, and residential properties cost more than Grade 2 and Grade 3 locks.

In this instance, there is a direct correlation between the door lock price and the security that it has to offer. Cutting costs on the door lock grade can be a real detriment to your security unless you make it a point to beef up additional measures around your lock, but even then you can still be left at a disadvantage. Door locks with higher grades tend to cost more since they last longer and they accomplish more in the long run. For instance, a Grade 1 residential deadbolt can stand up to 10 75-pound strikes, while Grade 2 and lower can withstand 5 or less.

These numbers might sound relatively close, so I won’t be surprised if you are thinking to yourself that the door lock price should not be that different. However, in terms of security, those numbers might as well be worlds apart. Think of it this way, would you rather have a burglar stalled by more resistance or given entry because of the lack thereof? It is important to think of time as an important security factor when you are looking at door lock price, since the more resistance that your door lock can offer means that you are getting more security out of it.

3. Lock Installation Process

Believe it or not, the lock installation process is one of the factors that determines the overall door lock price and also it factors into security in a minor way. The entire process of installing new door locks would be a lot easier if all you had to do was get the door lock and call it a day, but things are never really that easy. I mean, if security was that easy, then we wouldn’t be talking about door lock price today now would we? Once you purchase a lock, the installation process that you decide to go with will impact your final cost, and it will also determine just how secure your locks are. Allow me to explain.

Homeowners and commercial property managers can opt to have a residential locksmith or commercial locksmith install their locks, or they can decide to go the DIY route. Locks are not like plug and play devices, even smart lock installation is not that easy. This is the reason why the process has to be factored in. If you opt to go with a locksmith, you will have to tack on the cost of changing locks to your door lock price, and if you decide to do it yourself you need to consider your time and experience as a cost.

The DIY route tends to be more cost effective from a monetary standpoint, but more costly once you start to pay attention to time, experience and security. If you carry out the process yourself without consulting a locksmith or other professionals, you will bypass service fees and locksmith costs. However, if you do it on your own, you have to be mindful of the fact that you will be sacrificing your own time, while still running the risk of not completing the job in the right manner.

This is not a knock on your handyman skills, but many professional locksmiths have been going at this for years, so they will most likely be able to finish the job in a more expedient and complete manner. It is not only personal preference that dictates the type of lock installation process you go for because the type of door you have also played a role in this. This is mostly because the nature of the door will determine the amount of work that has to be done to install the lock.

As I stated earlier on, there are so many different types of locks, which means that they will each have their own installation processes. This means that the lock and the door will work together in different ways. In summation, you will have to do some work on your door when you are installing new door locks, and the amount of work varies based on the kind of door that it is. If you have a solid core wooden door, it will require a completely different process than a steel door.

4. Door Lock Brands

If you have ever bought anything, you will understand that branding has a huge role to play in the amount of trust that you place in a product. In many ways, this trust is a major determinant of the door lock set price and also of the amount of security that it gives you. Let’s take a look at a real world example. If you walk into any Walmart (the closest one near you) and you make your way towards the bread aisle, you will see Walmart’s signature Great Value brand and you will also see some of the more popular brands like Wonder Bread.

I would like to assume that brands like Wonder Bread tend to sell much more than Great Value because they have been around much longer and they have been able to cultivate trust with their buyers. The point I am trying to make is that branding plays an important role in the cost of products because it directly influences demand. In the case of bread, I cannot speak to whether or not Wonder Bread is more secure than Walmart’s Great Value brand, but I can talk about the way branding influences door lock set price.

Similar to any other product, there are some door lock brands which security experts endorse and there are also some door lock brands that security experts love to hate. The Medeco lock brand is a good example of a brand that security experts endorse. There are a few products that fall in the middle, but those products can be saved for another post. The thing is, there are some door lock brands that signal higher security and higher quality, which in this instance is equivalent to a higher price.

However, some of the most popular door locks are not necessarily the best to buy, they just happen to be common. A good example of these kinds of locks is Master locks. There is a very high chance that every one of your reading this post has come across a Master Lock at some point in time, and if you have then I’m assuming you know how horrible those locks are.

Branding can be tricky at times because people tend to confuse popularity with quality. From a security and cost standpoint, products become extremely popular either because they are cheap and accessible or they are a little more pricey and extremely secure. There is no need to perform a case study to prove this sentiment, simply compare any Medeco lock with its Master lock counterpart. The difference in price and quality will speak for itself.

Key Takeaways

  • The type of door lock that you want to get will directly influence your door lock price. Homeowners and commercial property managers have the option of choosing between traditional door locks and smart locks. Make sure that you take the time figure out which lock works best for you and meets your security requirements.
  • Door lock grades will reflect your door lock price. Unlike some other factors, this directly reflects in your monetary cost and your security cost as well. Higher door lock grades will be more expensive. However, if you choose lower door lock grades because they are cheaper you are leaving your security vulnerable, which is another cost that has to be considered.
  • The lock installation process is a sort of auxiliary cost that also has to be factored into door lock prices and the way cost and security relate to this. In monetary terms, it is likely to be more expensive if you call a residential or commercial locksmith to change your locks, but you will save yourself time and energy by taking advantage of their experience and skill. The DIY route saves money but will cost you time and potentially security.
  • The brand of the door locks that you buy will also be an influence on door lock set price. It is important that you understand that popularity and good branding are two very different things. Always take the time to find out what is at the root of a product’s popularity, and determine whether or not they have a quality product that you can depend on. The more prestigious door lock brands will be more expensive, but they will be less costly in terms of security because you can depend on them to keep you protected.

Additional Tips To Help Increase The Security Of Your Door Lock

Lock Cylinder Installation

As I stated earlier, you should always prioritize security when it comes to the door lock set price. However, I know that this is not really easy for everyone to do. This is mostly because everyone is working with different security budgets, and there might be other things you will have to consider in addition to the door lock price. This is completely understandable. So for those of you who might not be able to invest in secure door locks because of their price points, here are some tips that you can use to bolster the security of your door locks:

1. Adding security pins to the lock that you have in place can help increase its security and make it more resistant to bypass methods that might be used on it. This can be done by any accomplished locksmith through a process that is somewhat similar to lock rekeying. Essentially a security pin is a modified pin that is placed within the locking mechanism to make it much harder for anyone to pick the lock. It is also a good tool that can be used against lock bumping and other popular bypass methods.

2. Utilizing longer screws when installing your locks can also help you increase their security and resistance. This can be done by a residential locksmith or by yourself if you choose to go the DIY route and install your own locks. These screws are used to reinforce the strike plates. Longer screws help the strike plate stay more secure to the door jamb, which effectively makes your lock more difficult to overcome through the use of sheer force.

3. In addition to some of the points made above, another handy tactic that you can take advantage of is simple maintenance. In most cases, practicing proper maintenance strategies and protocols can help increase the effectiveness of your door locks. This is of extreme importance if you end up installing door locks that are not as long lasting or strong as others. You will have to commit time to always checking up and making sure that they are in pristine working order.

4. Security is all about layers, which is a simple concept that many forget when they are building facets of their home or office security. That being said, another great way to increase the security of your door lock is to install other security measures around it, or in proximity to it. These measures do not directly influence the door lock price, as many of them are cost effective. Some of these measures include the installation of door sensors, as well as surveillance cameras that can be used to guard the areas close to your door locks.


Very early on in this article, I established the fact that when it comes to door lock price alongside cost and security, it is not an argument that has clear cut and direct answers. At the end of the day, you have to really understand what works for your home and what your priorities are since this is the only way to figure out the ways cost and security will affect your door lock price. I hope that the points that were made above will help you have a clear understanding of both sides of the argument, which will allow you to make an informed decision that doesn’t leave your home or office security vulnerable.

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