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Fiat Car Key Replacement

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Fiat Car Key Replacement

In recent years, Fiat has come back to North America. The result is that there are a lot of classic Fiats and very new Fiats. Chances are you are going to want Fiat car key replacement for a new car, but United Locksmith is also capable of making a new Fiat key for the classic models. Here at United Locksmith, we know what you need for better classic car security.

In the case of modern Fiat car key replacement, there are many things you need to be aware of. Fiat models use a variety of different keys. These include Fiat key fobs, Fiat car remotes, and Fiat transponder keys, and standard car keys. Which type of Fiat car key replacement do you need? The great thing is that you don’t need to know all the specifics. Our locksmiths can help you through every step of getting a new Fiat key.

Popular models for Fiat car key replacement include:

Fiat 500
Fiat 124 Spider
Fiat 500L
Fiat 1200
Fiat 1100
Fiat 500e
Fiat 1300
Fiat X1/9
Fiat 600 Multipla
Fiat 500X


Do I need my original Fiat car key to make a new Fiat key?

You do not necessarily need a working Fiat key to make a new Fiat key. Duplicating a spare car key is something that most hardware stores can do, but when you need a new Fiat key when you have no spare, a locksmith is your best option. Using information such as your VIN and the car’s onboard computer, Fiat car key replacement is achievable without ever seeing an existing key.

What is the cost of Fiat car key replacement?

Fiat key replacement cost begins at $120. This is the standard cost for making new car keys. United Locksmith will, of course, change the price depending on the many different factors relating to car key duplication cost. These prices will always be competitive and as low as we can make them. United locksmith will always offer the best Fiat car key replacement prices for the highest quality work.

Is it possible to replace my Fiat car remote?

A Fiat car remote can be duplicated or programmed with or without an existing remote. It is important that you always have a working keyless entry remote, so don’t hesitate to get a replacement if you need it.

A Fiat car remote is very much a key to your car, and this type of service will be considered a form of Fiat car key replacement. United Locksmith is more than capable of completing this work and has to tools and replacement parts you need for your new Fiat remote.

What information do I need to give the locksmith over the phone?

When you need a Fiat car key replacement, there are a few pieces of information that are crucial for you to relay when you call your locksmith. Most likely, you will be prompted to give this information by the locksmith, but it is important to know what they will ask, so you can be prepared with the answers.

You should be ready to give your locksmith the year the car was made and the name of the model. After that, is it the ignition key or a remote to open the car. It is important to then work out the details of when and where the service will take place.

Do I need to contact a Fiat dealership to get a Fiat car key replacement?

When you need a new Fiat key, you do not have to involve the dealership. A locksmith can handle every part of the Fiat car key replacement without ever having to go to the dealership. A locksmith can tell you what you need, and provide it for you. United locksmith is your one-stop shop for all Fiat car key replacement.

Fiat Ignition Replacement

There are many reasons that you may need ignition cylinder replacement for your Fiat. When a new Fiat ignition cylinder is the required solution, undergoing a Fiat car key replacement will not do you much good. You might not be able to tell which service you need because the symptoms can look very similar.

To know which you need between the two options, give United Locksmith a call. Rather than getting a service that is not going to solve your issue, find out what is going to work and only pay for what is going to help you. Fiat car key replacement is not the right response for this.

Fiat Key Fob Replacement

Just like most modern cars, Fiat has certain models that use a keyless ignition. In order to use your keyless ignition, you still need a key. But it is not a physical key, it is a key fob that gives a wireless signal. When your car won’t start when you press the button, a likely source of this frustration is that you need a Fiat key fob replacement.

A locksmith can program a new Fiat key fob for you, and they can provide the key fob itself so you do not need to sort through the confusion of which smart key is going to work for your model. Leave this work to the professionals, and you can be sure it will be done correctly.

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