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Honda Car Key Replacement

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Honda Car Key Replacement

Honda is one of the most popular car manufacturers around. But because they have held this title for so long, the Honda car key replacement you need could be for a vehicle that is a bit older. No matter how new or old your Honda is, we have the equipment and replacement keys to get you back to driving your Honda. When it comes to Honda car key replacement, call United Locksmith and get the work done properly.

We service all of the most popular Honda models, but even if you do not see your particular car listed below, don’t fret. United Locksmith can handle any type of Honda car key replacement. No matter how complex the key or the model, any Honda key can be replaced by our experienced technicians.

Popular models for Honda car key replacement include:

Honda Accord
Honda Civic
Honda CR-V
Honda CR-Z
Honda Crosstour
Honda Fit
Honda HR-V
Honda Insight
Honda Passport
Honda Odyssey
Honda Pilot
Honda Ridgeline


How much does it cost for Honda car key replacement?

There are quite a few Honda models, and each will have different cost considerations for car key replacement. For example, if you were to compare the cost of a Honda Civic car key replacement to the price of a new NSX key, they are not going to be the same. Similarly, older and newer cars will have unique pricing issues. The cost of Honda car key replacement starts at $120, which is the same as our other automotive key making services.

How long does it take for Honda car key replacement?

The most simple form of Honda car key replacement will take an average of 15 to 20 minutes to complete. If electronic chips need to be programmed, existing keys need to be invalidated, and/or the key needs to be cut, the tasks can stack up and take a bit longer. A car locksmith may need to do more work to give you the best service possible, but additional tasks relating to your Honda car key replacement should not extend much further than 30 minutes.

What information do I need to give the locksmith over the phone?

In regards to your Honda car key replacement, the information your locksmith will need includes the Honda model, the year the car was manufactured, when you would like to schedule your appointment, and where you would like the work done.

Knowing the model and year of your Honda allows the locksmith to determine the appropriate Honda key blank. Because we are a mobile locksmith and operate 24 hours a day, we can come to your location at any time and handle your Honda car key replacement anywhere.

Can the locksmith come to my location to replace my Honda car key?

Yes! As a mobile locksmith, our technician can come to you and replace your Honda car key on-site. This is very helpful in emergency situations where your car keys have been lost or stolen. Depending on the availability of the key blank you need, the service can be immediate.

Is it possible to replace my Honda car key remote?

An important part of a locksmith’s role in replacing car keys is programming and acquiring new car remotes. This is still technically a car key, as it is something that you use to open your Honda. The task falls under the umbrella phrase Honda car key replacement, though you should be sure to express that you are looking more specifically to replace your Honda car key remote.

Honda Ignition Replacement

Your car key is not always the problem, and sometimes you need more than to simply replace your Honda key. There may be an issue with your Honda ignition cylinder. A good way to anticipate this issue, and perhaps even diagnose it yourself, is to see if your car key opens your car door but will not start the vehicle. But don’t worry about determining what type of service you need. Our technicians will find out if you need a Honda ignition cylinder replacement.

Ignition cylinders car wear out just like any other lock. Just as a key can wear out, the lock it is working inside can also deteriorate with age. When a Honda ignition cylinder is not working, it needs to be replaced so the car will start. The price of this service begins at $95, but much like all other Honda key related replacements, the exact price is dependant on the model and year of the car.

Honda Key Fob Replacement

In the modern age of Honda car key replacement, it is more appropriate to refer to the service as “Honda key fob replacement”. A key fob is different from a traditional physical key. It is even unique from a transponder key. This type of key is used in Honda models with push-button ignitions. This type of device makes it so there is no ignition cylinder to replace, but you will have a more complex electronic key to replace.

Any of our trusted car locksmiths can replace a Honda key fob. They can also patch directly into your vehicle to remove any existing keys, in the case that you lost your previous key. This work does not require the existence of an existing key. A car locksmith will have no issue replacing your Honda key fob.

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