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Lexus Car Key Replacement

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Lexus Car Key Replacement

Cut from the same cloth as the Toyota corporation, Lexus is a division of one of the biggest names in the automotive industry and it pursues the same level of excellence. Although these companies are intrinsically linked a Lexus car key replacement will not be the same as a Toyota car key replacement. However, this does not mean that they are lower in quality. In fact, the Lexus side of the automotive company is branded as the luxury companion to Toyota.

United Locksmith has never been one to shy away from luxury, and we definitely won’t start now. The number of Lexus vehicles that our team members have worked on is directly proportional to the growing popularity of the automotive brand, and we hope that we can continue to work more on this vehicle in the years to come.

We often find ourselves helping customers who need to replace their Lexus car keys. Lexus car key replacements are not the only jobs we handle, but we find ourselves doing it quite a lot. Our locksmith team can also help Lexus drivers make duplicate car keys, replace key fobs, and even rekey ignitions.

We offer Lexus car key replacements for the following models:

Lexus RX
Lexus IS
Lexus LS
Lexus NX
Lexus GX
Lexus RC
Lexus LC
Lexus CT
Lexus ES
Lexus GS

We offer car key replacements for many other models as well, so if yours is not listed give us a call today to see how we can be assistance.


Can the Locksmith come to my location to replace my Lexus car key?

Of course we can! We know that driving with car key troubles is almost impossible to do, and we’d prefer to save you the hassle. Our dedicated team of automotive locksmiths also work as mobile locksmiths so they can meet you at just about any location to assist you with a Lexus car key replacement. The process is relatively easy, and our locksmiths have enough experience with Lexus vehicles to make a Lexus key replacement a breeze. Simply give us a call and let us know your location, and we will send someone your way shortly to help you get your Lexus car key replacement.

What will the Locksmith need from me for my Lexus car key replacement?

Aside from your adoration and gratitude, our locksmith will first need to know the model of your Lexus vehicle. All Lexus models are different from each other, and no Lexus car key is built the same as another. The last thing our team wants to do is make you the wrong Lexus car key, so the most pertinent piece of information would be about the car model you need us to work on. In addition to that, once on-site the locksmith will have to verify that the vehicle belongs to you and they will also need access to your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to be able to cut your key to code. If you happen to have the original key on hand, the locksmith will simply duplicate it.

Is a locksmith a better option than the Lexus dealership for Lexus car key replacement?

We don’t love to brag but in terms of price, yes! This is not a knock on any Lexus dealership, but when it comes to Lexus car key replacement, a locksmith offers much more competitive prices. In addition to that, our mobile locksmith services mean we save you the trip. Our team is capable of crafting your new Lexus key replacement at your location. Furthermore, we also offer additional services that might become necessary after you replace a Lexus car key. A good example of this service is transponder key programming.

How long does it take a Locksmith to replace my Lexus car key?

The entire Lexus car key replacement process should take between 10 to 30 minutes. In some cases, it might go longer if additional services have to be applied. The easiest Lexus car keys to replace are the keys that aren’t transponder keys. If you have a Lexus transponder key, it will likely have to be programmed to your car once it is replaced. Additional services such as this will change the time it takes to replace a Lexus car key.

Lexus Key Fob Replacement

Drivers who replace their Lexus car keys often replace their Lexus key fobs as well. In most modern cars, the key fob has become synonymous with the car key itself, and with a car as prestigious as Lexus, this is often the case. For drivers who value convenience and ease of use, the Lexus key fob is essential, and United Locksmith is always available to assist with a Lexus key fob replacement.

There are some drivers who are perfectly content with only carrying out a Lexus car key replacement, but others have need of the Lexus key fob. Issues with the key fob might be easier for drivers to spot, especially for those drivers who use their Lexus car key fobs on a regular basis.

Our locksmith will need to have the unprogrammed key fob replacement, which in this case will be the Lexus car key replacement, and then they will look up the specific programming protocol for your particular Lexus vehicle. The process is very easy to handle once all the appropriate tools are in place, so rest assured the team at United Locksmith will help you handle your Lexus car key replacement and your Lexus key fob replacement.

Lexus Ignition Replacement

An ignition replacement is not generally as easy as a Lexus car key replacement, but rest assured that our experienced team of Locksmiths are very much up to the task. It is often the case that the circumstances which cause you to require a Lexus car key replacement might also make you need an Ignition replacement. Problems with the ignition are sometimes tightly linked to problems with the key, so it only makes sense that our team of locksmiths is accustomed to handling Lexus ignition replacements.

When it comes to a Lexus ignition replacement, there are two solutions that stand above the rest. These are the ignition switch replacement or the ignition cylinder replacement. Problems that are rooted in the ignition often leave drivers stranded and unable to use their cars. If this happens, give us a call and we will come to your aid. However, issues like this can be prevented if they are met head-on.

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