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Scion Car Key Replacement

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Scion Car Key Replacement

The Scion brand is often confused with Toyota, but only because Scion was a division of the illustrious Toyota company. In many ways, this means that Scion vehicles have been given the same care and attention as Toyota car models. However, this does not mean that a Scion car key replacement will be handled in the same way as a Toyota car key replacement. Scion started off as a brand of Toyota vehicles that were meant to appeal to younger drivers who were looking for the quality that Toyota provided in another car model.

Unfortunately, the Scion brand is now-defunct, but that doesn’t mean that all Scion cars have been pulled off the road. In fact, there are still many Scion car models in use today. As such, United Locksmith continues to offer Scion car key replacements alongside Toyota car key replacements.

We offer Scion car key replacement for the following models:

Scion TC
Scion XB
Scion XD
Scion FR-S
Scion XA
Scion iQ
Scion iM
Scion iA


How does the Scion car key replacement process work?

It’s actually very simple. The first part of the process involves identifying the need for a Scion car key replacement. Once you get this out of the way, the next step requires you to choose an avenue to get a solution. The options available to you are the Scion dealership or a locksmith. Since the Scion brand is now-defunct, you will have to contact a Toyota dealership. In our most humble opinion, the best deal can only be gotten from a locksmith. Our prices are much more affordable than that of the dealership, and we actually put the needs of the customer first, not our bottom line.

Once you choose who you want to replace your Scion car key, you can simply make an appointment. Another benefit of going with a locksmith is that we come to your location. A Scion car key replacement can be made either by cutting the car key to code or by duplicating an existing original key. If you do not have your original key handy, there is no need to worry, just leave the work to us and we will provide you with a working Scion car key replacement.

What information will the locksmith need from me to complete my Scion car key replacement?

The most pertinent information the Locksmith will need from you is the model of your car. This basic information will help them narrow down which car key blank has to be used to make your Scion car key replacement. In addition to that, you will have to let the locksmith know if you have access to the original car key. The original Scion car key that came with your vehicle will make it much easier for the Auto locksmith to craft a Scion car key replacement. However, the absence of this key does not mean the Scion car key replacement process can’t move forward. Our locksmith team will still be able to assist you in making your new replacement car key.

How long is the Scion car key replacement process?

The Scion car key replacement process does not take long at all. It usually runs between 10 to 30 minutes to complete the entire Scion key replacement. Once the locksmith has been given all the pertinent information necessary to begin the process they will get started. This is why it is important to let the locksmith know the model, and year, of your vehicle so that they can get the appropriate key blank beforehand. It should be noted that the time variables may change based on the complexity of your Scion car key, as well as any other additional services that have to be applied to your Scion car key replacement.

What do I do if I need another Scion car key replacement?

If you need to make two Scion car key replacements, it is completely possible to do so. United Locksmith has always been a top advocate of the importance of spare car keys, so if you want to make more than one Scion car key replacement simply let us know. In this instance, we would make the first car key replacement, and then duplicate it so you are left with two working keys. If these keys are transponder keys, then they would each have to be programmed to your vehicle. Keep in mind that transponder key programming is an additional service.

Scion Ignition Replacement

When you start to delve into ignition replacement, you begin to deal with tricky and intricate processes. This is the main reason why it is always a good idea to have professionals handle a Scion ignition replacement. Our team of automotive locksmiths is well versed in handling ignition cylinder replacements and ignition switch replacements. The automotive locksmith usually takes careful time to assess the Scion vehicle to see which of the core components in the ignition will have to be replaced.

This helps the auto locksmith get a better idea of how to approach the problem with the appropriate solution. The ignition is a key part of every Scion car model, and issues that arise in this can impair your vehicles mobility. Unless they are handled by trusted professionals.

Scion Key Fob Replacement

Replacing the Scion key fob and replacing the Scion car key often go hand in hand. Some drivers will not have to worry about this aspect because their Scion car models only work with mechanical car keys. However, if you have a more modern Scion, a time will come where you will eventually have to replace your Scion key fob. Although the Scion key fob and the Scion car key itself are tied together, the problems that plague them vary from time to time. When this happens, it is imperative that you call an Auto locksmith before the problem grows out of proportion.

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