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MINI Car Key Replacement

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MINI Car Key Replacement

Drivers of MINI car models often refer to their vehicles as MINI Cooper’s which has led most people to believe that the name of the car brand and model itself is the Mini Cooper. John Cooper and his family have a long and storied relationship with the car model that is now a division of parent company BMW. This relationship influenced the design of one of the very first MINI’s and it has continued to play a part in the automotive excellence that is still around today.

As a subdivision of BMW, it goes without saying that MINI upholds an impeccable standard of technology and style, which makes it way into each and every one of their available models. If you’ve ever driven a MINI, you’ll know how much of a treat you’re in for. United Locksmiths is proud to be able to offer drivers of the MINI with MINI car key replacement services.

We proudly offer MINI car key replacements for the following models:

MINI Hardtop
MINI Convertible
MINI Clubman
MINI Countryman
MINI Coupe
MINI Works


How do I get a MINI car key replacement?

Getting a MINI car key replacement is relatively easy, if you know how to go about it, and if you know the right avenues to look for. Most MINI drivers will primarily be tempted to get their car key replacements made at the MINI dealership. While this is a viable alternative, the dealership does not really offer its customers competitive prices for MINI car key replacements. United locksmith offers affordable and reasonable car key replacement services. The simple answer to the question above is to call United Locksmith to assist you with your MINI car key replacement.

What does it cost to get a MINI car key replacement?

With United Locksmith, the cost of a MINI car key replacement is much lower than it would be with the dealership. Most car dealerships charge upwards of $150 for a car key replacement. Here at United Locksmith, MINI car key replacement begins at $120, and usually remain within the price range, unless additional services are required.

Do I need to go to a MINI dealership to get a MINI car key replacement?

Not necessarily! As was mentioned in the answer above, the MINI dealership is a viable option, but it is not the only one that you have at your disposal, and it is definitely not the cheapest one. Calling a Locksmith to find out more about MINI car key replacement is one of the best ways to learn more about the most competitive prices available.

How long will it take to get my MINI car key replacement?

Overall, the MINI car key replacement usually takes about 10 to 30 minutes to complete. The allotted time for the car key replacement process will vary from time to time. The main determining factor that influences time is the availability of required parts, as well as the complexity of the MINI car key that is being replaced.

MINI Ignition Replacement

Sometimes, while you are replacing the MINI car key, you will also have to carry out a MINI ignition replacement. Our team of automotive locksmiths is well equipped to assist you with the task of a MINI ignition replacement process. The ignition is as integral to your MINI as the MINI key itself, and they coexist to help you achieve the most out of your MINI, no matter what model it is.

If you begin to doubt the integrity of your MINI ignition, or if you think it might jeopardize your MINI car key, you can always reach out to our automotive locksmith team. Handling MINI ignition replacements is one of our many specialties.

MINI Key Fob Replacement

United Locksmith offers MINI key fob replacement services as well. This service is usually geared towards drivers who have cars that are already compatible with key fobs. It is often the case that this is a feature which is only required by more modern MINI models. Older MINI models have a very classic design, and most of these models don’t have key fobs. However, if your MINI car happens to be retrofitted to work with a MINI key fob, then we can help you replace it if need be.

Drivers might often need a key fob replacement if something damages their original key. In some instances, it might simply be the desire to have a duplicate car key that causes one to look for key fob replacement services. You do not need to look any further than United Locksmith when you want a MINI key fob replacement.

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